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Don't Get Me Wrong
from Get Close
Transcription: Anonymous

[C] [Am] [Dm7] [F/G]

Don't get me [C] wrong
If I'm looking kind of [Am] dazzled
I see [Dm7] neon lights
Whenever you walk [F/G] by

Don't get me [C] wrong
If you say "Hello" and [Am] I take a ride
Upon a sea where the [Dm7] mystic moon
Is playing havoc [F/G] with the tide
Don't get me [C] wrong

[Am] [Dm7] [F/G]

Don't get me [C] wrong
If I'm acting so dis[Am]tracted
I'm thinking about the [Dm7] fireworks
That go off when you [F/G] smile

Don't get me [C] wrong
If I split like light re[Am]fracted
I'm only off to wan[Dm7]der
[G7] Across a moonlit [C] mile

[Dm] Once in a[G7]while
[Dm] Two people meet [G7]
[Dm] Seemingly for no [G7] reason
They just [Dm] pass on the [G7] street
[Dm] Suddenly [G7] thunder, [Dm7] showers ev[G7]rywhere
[F/G] Who can ex[G7]plain the [F/G] thunder and [G7] rain
But there's [F/G] something [G] in the [F/G]air

[Am] [Dm7] [F/G]

Don't get me [C] wrong
If I come and go like [Am] fashion
I might be great to[Dm7]morrow
But hopeless yesterday [F/G]

Don't get me [C] wrong
If I fall in the 'mode of [Am] passion'
It might be unbeliev[Dm7]able
[G7] But let's not say [Am] "So long"
It might just be fan[Dm7]tastic
[G] Don't [G7] get me [Am] wrong