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Day After Day
from Pretenders II
Transcription: Anonymous

[B] Way up in [F#7] the sky
[B] Over the city, over [F#7] Tokyo
[B] Silver light, summer [F#7] moon
[B] You'll be over somebody's winter this [F#7] afternoon
[Em] While the dolphins swim [A] in the sea
[Em] You're going grey, my [A] baby
[Em] Still the war is raging [A] endlessly
[Em] Day after day, day after [A] day

[D] Way up in [A] the sky
[D] Over the city and Lake [A] Erie
[D] You remember the Flats, you were [A] there
[D] Out every night Mr [A] Moonlight [E]

[B] Round and round and round [F#]we go [B]
Just like [F#] yesterday

[D] Way up in [A] the sky
[D] Over the city where you [A] sleep tonight
The [D] light outside your window blinks
"Hotel, [A] hotel, hotel"
[D] Open the blind and dream in a [A] moonbeam

[E] [B] [F#] [B]

When the war's finally over
We'll meet [F#] again [B]
[F#] And pick up where we left off

[B] [F#] repeat