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August 4, Universal City, CA - Universal Amphitheatre

by Jo

Well, the band put on another GREAT show! And this crowd was definitely more into it than the Irvine Meadows folks (sorry, Orange County). Again, Chrissie came out in a black Pretenders t-shirt with pink lettering, black pants, high heeled boots, and a black stetson-type hat. She mentioned that Sylvester Stallone was in the house, "Sly's a big fan." Hollywood humor! She said that Sunday too!

Lots of banter between Chrissie and Martin, making people laugh. At one point she said it was like the Sonny and Cher show.

As far as the playlist goes, it was pretty much the same as the Irvine show, except they did "Rabo de Nube" instead of "Hymn to Her." They rock! Chrissie said that Chris Thomas was in the crowd and that the Pretenders wouldn't be where they were without him!

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by Larry Michaels

Okay now, I've got the story of all sit back and just imagine I'm picked up in a limo in Newport Beach,ca.(totally unexpected) by my couple friends who just happen to have gotten FRONT ROW CENTER seats for their second Pretenders show. Myself I'd never seen them but have loved them since their first ever show in LA the Santa Monica civic auditorium in 1979 or 1980. Anyway I managed to walk my way down the isles of the most times, very secured Universal Ampitheater, to the very front row without any usher stopping me to check my ticket (which,incidently,) i bought for $40 that afternoon, nose bleed section) and met my two friends. As i watched the quartet travel thru time playing songs from every album, I was amazed that the sound,energy,and stage persona of these performers was as i had heard and seen video of nearly 20 years earlier could have sworn that chrissy was wearing the same black "Pretenders "t-shirt" that she had on the cover of the album (yes people.theALBUM) of their debut release! But,when she strutted over to stage left and played a riff from "Precious" and said "f**k off" right in front of us and then looked us in the face and smiled and pointed (making eye contact) I pretty much knew that the "pretenders" were back and proved to me that when you got it ,you got it! With the exception of the between song band laughing, and compliments of each others playing, I thought that this was truly a once in a lifetime show and recommend that everyone, old fan and new (but mostly old throw backs like me, who have never seen a band you grew up with) pop down your paycheck for ANY SEAT IN THE PLACE and see these great artists!

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