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July 22, Tinley Park, IL - World Amphitheater

by Aaron Ufferman

I just got back from the show minutes ago. This was my first Pretenders show, since I have only been listening to them for a few months now. The set list was very much the same as it has been this entire tour, along with the "mysterious" new song they open up with. I would say the crowd response at this show was less than perfect, most of them just sitting down as if they never heard the Pretenders before. I spose most were waiting for the B-52's. The band was very energetic. Chrissie remained upbeat despite the lackluster audience, and said something to the effect of "What the fuck is your problem here." She dedicated one song to the late Jim Ellison of Chicago pop band "Material Issue", who opened for the Pretenders back in 94'. She said "You are gone, but surely not forgotten."

I was disappointed that the Pretenders seemed to take a back seat at the show, only getting in about and hour and ten minutes of play. She did say that she would see us all soon, which leads me to believe that they will be back after the new album. Definitely worth the money.

The band was in fine form despite the deadbeat crowd.

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by Susan Wagner

Saw the Pretenders last night in Chicago (Tinley Park) and they ROCKED THE ROOF OFF! Chrissie was great, the band was great, the show was stellar. I didn't keep track of the order of the songs but I'll try to list as many as I remember:

Started with a new one; sounded good
Message of Love
Talk of the Town
Night in My Veins
Thin Line
The Wait
My City Was Gone
Back on the Chain Gang
Middle of the Road
Don't Get Me Wrong
I'll Stand By You
the spanish song
encores were
Hymn to Her (accompanied only by keyboards)
Mystery Achievement
(I know these are not in the correct order and I might have even forgotten one)

Her voice was in top form. This woman has not abused her voice; I've never heard her sound better. She snarls just like always and looks just as cool as she did in 1980. She dances great and did a good parody of the novelty band to follow. She was friendly to the crowd, signed a few autographs; I think she saw me and my husband waving at her and nodded at us. She held the guitar up a la Jimmy Page but played with great Chrissie style. BTW, the lead guitarist was GREAT! If you were there, you know it was excellent. If you weren't there, "ha ha, too bad..." We left after she was finished. What brainiac decided the B-52's and the Pretenders belong on the same tour?!?

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