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July 8, St. Louis, MO - Riverport Amphitheatre

by Janet

let me preface this email by saying i am definitely of the next generation of pretenders fans. i was definitely born after their first hits. so, i told my dad about the show, and he jumped at the chance and offered to take me.

anyways, the opening swing/ska band, the Royal Crown Revue, was pretty fun and a great atmosphere builder... but i thought the operatic singing that the pretenders entered with kind of took the wind out of the energy (shocked the crowd a little!) it was nice though, just kind of jarring... the response was too luke warm to begin with, i guess the crowd didn't know her new stuff, like the "legalize" song...

as a first time concert goer, i was really impressed most by chrissy's style, her movements and classic yet seemingly patented hand motions and dancing. quite memorable... all of her greatest really got a rise out of the weekday, 30s crowd. chrissie talked a bit, but admittedly had trouble speaking (said something to the effect of better stop talking tonight, too much protestation)... she made some bitter comment about what a jerk david letterman was and how he'd end up shooting himself some day on his show (?) was i mistaken?

definitely i would describe her as a cheeky performer, mimicking the B52's go-go style with her exaggerated dance moves (an earlier review describes it better than i).

the st. louis crowd didn't really get into her as much as i had hoped, seemed like the B'52's got more of a rise out of the crowd, and i thought they were pretty lame.

chrissy was great live, i thought quite a bit better than the recordings i have. sorry i can't remember the play list and the like, i'm not that hard core of a fan (yet!)

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