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August 13, Sandpoint, Idaho - Sandpoint Festival

by David and Stephanie

My beautiful girlfriend and I saw the Pretenders play at The Festival in Sandpoint Idaho on August 13th.

It was a fabulous show! It was sold out! Terrific venue, charming town, and nice people. The Pretenders rocked! Nearly everyone stood for about half of the opening number, then sat down as they remembered you are "supposed to sit" at this venue. So Chrissy Hynde made a joke of it, saying things like "You know you're not supposed to dance here..." and telling the band members each individually not to incite dancing. But she also guaranteed that by the end of the night, they'd have us all. And they did. Right after her joking around about it, about the third number, the sold out crowd was up and dancing and it stayed that way through the entire show. The Pretenders sounded so tight, so perfect it was unbelievable. They came out twice for encores, playing a total of six encore songs, which was surprising. But if the crowd didn't get more than one encore, there may have been a riot! It was that good!! They played everything from punk to funk in the encores, and set the crowd ablaze with their patented style.

It was the first time we had seen a Pretenders show. We hope that it is the first of many.

BTW- Martin is such an entertaining drummer to watch (and listen to!). Several times he flipped one of his sticks way up into the lights while the other hand continued playing, then caught it and kept right on going.

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