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August 3, Paso Robles, CA - Mid State Fair

by Andrew J. Reames

Chrissie poked playful fun at all the animals on display at the Mid-State Fair (Paso Robles, near the coast in Central California, is a very active 4H area). But there were few cowboys in the audience--just plenty of rockers. Chrissie and the band were awsome! They played a wide variety of songs, but one of my favorites is the gorgeous ballad "Hymn for Her." Both my wife and I cry when we listen to it. But there was the great hard-driving rock 'n' roll, too. You'd never know Chrissie was in her late 40s. She has my deepest respect and admiration, and the entire band JUST SIMPLY ROCKS. Definitely a top 10 concert in my experience.

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