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June 27, Columbia, MD - Merriweather Post

by Bruce Lavell

After being severely disappointed by a cancelled show the night before in Philadelphia (power outage), I was dying to see the show in MD and Chrissie for the 7th time dating back to the originals in 1982.

The opening band - who cares?

The Pretenders started with a song unfamiliar to me. I liked the music, but the sound at this point sucked. What was evident, though, was how happy and up the band was. It was a packed house, including the lawn. Being a Saturday night helped. The response was great. Chrissie and her bandmates were visibly happy and impressd by the crowd reaction and size, motioning to the very back of the lawn. The crowd, and I mean the entire crowd, started the show on its feet. Most stayed on their feet for the entire show with few exceptions.

Message of Love really got the crowd going, and the sound was improving. They got the sound totally right in a few minutes after much prodding by Chrissie. I won't go into all the songs, because they are adequately covered in other reviews. Highlights included Talk of the Town, My City was Gone (great crowd reception), Mystery Achievement (Chrissie forgot words!), Kid, Night in My Veins, and Precious. Being an original fan, I can do without Don't Get Me Wrong and I'll Stand By You! I was deeply disappointed in them not playing The Wait at this show, like they did in others, and no The Adulteress. Does anyone think we'll ever see Tattooed Love Boys again?? I could not get over how happy Chrissie was or how talkative she was. The first time I saw her in1982, she barely said a word. Now it's quite frequent joking and talking. She really had a good time. Chrissie did not do the B-52s dancing at this show. It was either too hot, or she hadn't decided to add it to the show yet. My wife is a fairly recent Pretenders convert. She had a great time. She couldn't believe how great Chrissie sounded live. She also couldn't believe how good she looked in person. She is right on both accounts. The band did well together, Martin seemed exhausted by the end of the show. The best news is she told us she'd see us again soon! So keep your fingers crossed.

The B-52s - who cares?

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