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August 8, Las Vegas, NV - MGM

by C.Rey

The Pretenders kick ass! The show was held at the MGM Grand. Gambling & Entertainment at its best. The Goddess came out in black pants & a black t-shirt. She looked absolutely amazing. She started with a newer song & then crashed into "Message of Love". I was already completely soaked by this time. I was with 4 other people and we stood for the entire show. It was a sit down concert (which totally sucked). I don't know how anyone could have possibly sat through this stuff. I'm pretty sure that we were rocking hard, because we were pissing a lot of people off. We couldn't help ourselves. Chrissie was in our veins, we were losing it fast.

And then, the moment came. They blasted into Tattooed Love Boys. I can't speak for anyone else, but we went F------ G!! Crazy. It was so kick ass that she played so much shit from her older albums. She played most of my favorites.

The Woman could not have possibly did anything wrong. She was moving from one side of the stage to the other even though the crowd was pretty tame. At one point, my sister went into shock I think. Chrissy is her mentor.

We freaked out that The B-52's were headlining. Even though I'm a fan, my God, Chrissy is just, she's just too awesome to follow. One of our friends had problems getting back in the show, so we actually bailed out w/o even seeing the B-52's. And even though I love em', I'm not freaking out about it. Chrissie was just too Fucking Awesome to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is still so hardcore............not even close to losing it yet!!!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

by Andy Hall
A Las Vegas Mod/Rocker

I expected that the B52s would be great, and the Pretenders good, but it was quite the opposite. I am not saying the B52s were bad, they were good, and were crowd favorites, but The Pretenders stole the night. Chrissie displayed charm, wit and genuine love for the audience. The set list is very similar to others posted... about 75 minutes of material, however she performed a romantic ballad with spanish lyrics, making her the Linda Rondstadt of the Punk Generation. Before the song she told the audience that they were going to do one new song, but not a bunch because playing new material was like playing to a photograph of an audience, but "you'll love this song in ten years." At one point someone threw a top hat on stage and she quipped "My first hat of the tour, Stevie Nicks gets 15 every night. But I'm not bitter." She also warned the audience from gambling, noting that Mario Puzo wrote that the casinos always get their percentage. After "Message of Love" she chastized her band "Come on, we can do better than that!" The audience roared, she then corrected herself, "I meant we can do better, not you." At one point she stopped in the middle of a song and announced "Now is the part where you think the song is over, so you cheer, then we trick you and finish the song." She also announced "Kids suck, Just turn on the radio!" throughout her set she showed charm and spontaneity and even clowned around a bit on "Mystery Achievement" poking fun of the B52's dance moves. Unfortunately the B52's did not live up to my expectations and the audience seemed kind of mellow... it was definitely not one of the better performances I have seen. There were only 4 or 5000 people in a 15000 seat MGM Grand Garden Arena, but The Pretenders got a truly earned standing O, whereas the B52's just had people waiting around for Roam, Loveshack, and Rock Lobster. I hope The Pretenders come back on their next tour and play the Hard Rock Hotel Joint, a 1200 seat venue, with dance floor and all. Just to clarify, I am a 25 year old, and I agree Kids do Suck! but what else is new... Maybe the Kids are alright!

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