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July 10, Knoxville, TN - World's Fair Park

by Chad Patterson

Great show in the South Eastern humidity. Lots and lots of folks showed up for this gig. Chrissie and the guys seemed genuinely excited to be playing, which brought about a great response from the crowd (which had no choice but to stand as there were no seats). Show consisted of mostly rockers and very few ballads. They started off with "Legalize Me" and then went straight into "Message of Love". Always with great intuition, Chrissie exclaimed "I can tell you guys aren't in the mood for too many ballads tonight!" and with that, they continued to rock. "Kid" was dedicated to "Pete and Jim". Others played: "Wait", "Precious", "Brass...", "Middle of the Road", "Back on the Chain Gang", "Night in My Veins". Several others I can't recall. The show slowed down for the Spanish song played on most of the dates, dedicated to Chrissie's husband (tonight was their one year anniversary). "I'll Stand By You" was dedicated to the animals and sung in protest to the Bar-B-Que ribs being served at the concession stands. Great Show, DON'T MISS IT.

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