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July 26, Houston, TX - Woodlands Pavilion

by Robert Copeland

It has taken at least 48 hours to absorb the whole concert....or at least the PRETENDERS segment. This was my third "live" experience with this group or more specifically Chrissie. I have been a true fan since 1982. I can only express the feeling this way: If you live within a 250 mile radius of the remaining venues and you "think" you might be a PRETENDERS fan, you better find a way to get your butt to the damn show! As pissed off as I am about the B-52's headlining this event, one hour and fifteen minutes of hard driving, energetic, TRUE showmanship from one of the greatest female rockers of NOW and THEN is sufficient...if that's all I can get!

The previously reported play lists are generally correct. The crowd energy from the new fans or the B-52's patrons was somewhat lackluster. BUT TRUE PRETENDER FANS KNOW WHAT TO DO! I have waited eleven years since the last show. High temperatures, lackadaisical audience participation or even over-zealous, yet confused security personnel were not going to deter my enjoyment. SCREW the problems! Chrissie takes care of that by bringing the crowd to their feet! Adam firmly established himself, in my feeble mind at least, as the perfect compliment to the PRETENDERS style of music. Mr. Chambers explicitly showed everyone where the Middle Of The Road was. And by the way Martin, "Houston - We do have a Problem" - some people, not us, could give a crap about GREAT FFFNNN MUSIC! Adam had the requisite heavy base fingers for all of the favorites. The keyboard player, name unknown - (hey, nobody's perfect) did his best "stand-up, sit-down" and did not receive more than the normal glares from her Highness. As the REAL fans have seen, she does recognize YOU as well as you recognize HER!

I honestly did enjoy the Royal Crown Review. Past concerts have had THE ALARM and IGGY POP in this spot, so the change was a bit different, to say the least. They did get the mood going and yes, I will buy their C.D.! I can not really say how I feel about the B-52's performance. The songs that I wanted to hear were indeed played well. One song - "Strobelight" was done particularly well. I can say that at least a third of the pit area - rows 1 thru 6 - left after a few songs. I have one question for you B-52 fans - Does Kate Pierson EVER open her eyes?

That's about it. DON'T MISS THIS SHOW OR YOU WILL SPEND A GREAT PART OF ETERNITY KICKING YOURSELF IN THE ASS! It took eleven years to get HER back. How long, if ever, will it be till the next tour? The PRETENDERS are the kind of band that HAS to be seen "LIVE" to appreciate their style and energy of their music. And for you fans that have seen them in prior years, THEY ARE BETTER THAN BEFORE! HAVE FUN, wish I was with you!

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