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August 14, George, WA - The Gorge

by LB

The part of Washington we were headed for looked very much like the lifeless brown hills of California that I ran screaming from at the age of 21. By the time we were close enough to the venue to be following signs to get to it, we were in stitches over just how far out in the middle of nowhere we actually were, joking that a pile of bales of hay were the stage, and that Chrissie might need two bales to stand on since she's shorter... hoping the toilets didn't involve two planks and a ditch, etc...

When the band came out, it wasn't the usual strolling onto the stage that they'd been doing. Chrissie stormed out and yelled at the photographers who followed her back and forth like rabid dogs (I hadn't noticed photographers at the other shows, but I'm sure they were there). She calmed down some after they left, but the show was a bit, er, tense. She dedicated Chain Gang to Linda McCartney and urged the audience to go vegetarian in honor of her, adding "And the rest of you can bathe in blood for all we care." She stopped Chain Gang dead to ask someone to stop using a laser pen, "It makes us nervous, ya know?" At one point she said "There's the most extraordinary white spider up here. I'm afraid I'll step on it," then asked a roadie to come out and remove it from the stage. It took some doing, but he finally accomplished this to great cheering and applause.

They pretty much ripped through their set, which would have been awesome with a positive vibe, but as it turned out, it was ok.

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