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July 30, Englewood, CO - Fiddler's Green

by Crystal Beaufort

Yesterday, on July 30, we went to see the Pretenders in Denver. It had been raining for much of the day. As the time came to get ready to leave for the drive through town - it was still raining... Along our way down I-25, traffic was moving very slowly. I realized it was rush hour, but c'mon it was even slower than normal. We had the radio on and there was a report that a part of the interstate (which we were traveling) was under water. 3 cars were trapped, along with the occupants. Those occupants ended up sitting on their roofs and were rescued before their cars were completely submerged.

Luckily we were able to get off before we reached that area - and took the long route to get there. As we got closer the rain seemed to subside. Still, I felt as if we'd never arrive..... All the traffic from the interstate had been diverted and we felt like we were crawling along.

Finally we arrived just in time to hear the beginning of Royal Crown Review. They were still as energetic as ever and LOUD! We met up with our friends that we were seated with. Great seats in the 9th row I might add! I kept looking at the sky - no rain! - it stopped!

The time came for The Pretenders to take the stage. Some seats were still empty but I figured that it was due to the bad weather. Everyone stood up when the band came out. You could just feel the energy within the crowd. (by the 3rd song the whole venue was completely filled.)
Chrissie was wearing: a black cowboy hat, white jacket with wide black lapels, a black Pretenders T-shirt underneath (similar to the grey one that is on sale but with a pink logo), black pants, black boots.

My husband Scott, was nice enough to write down the list of songs, as I was too busy jumping up and down, dancing, and concentrating all at the same time. Too wired to sleep, we both sat up after the show to work out the quotes and such. Here goes!

Set list & comments:
1. Legalize me (even though we were in the 9th row - something in me made me try to get closer to the stage. I found a good spot in like the 3rd row but was soon busted by the nazi security and taken back to my seat.

2. Message of love "It's nice to be back in Colorado with our message of love."

3.Talk of the town CH: I knew it would stop raining when we came on stage. Shall we rock you?

4. Night in my veins (removes cowboy hat)
CH: Martin can you remember this one?
MC: I think so

5. Tattooed love boys (hearing the first few notes of this just about knocked me over. My mouth dropped like a rock. I didn't expect to hear this one.. and it was on my wish list...) After the song Chrissie said "well done Martin."

6. Kid CH: Dedicated to all of the young fans, and the original fans and your grandchildren too!! And to Jimmy and Pete without whom we wouldn't be here today. Jimmy and Pete - where ever you are, this one's for you. (she then threw a kiss to the sky.)

7. Hymn to her CH: Where's everybody going? (as the band walked off stage.) Chrissie struggled to finish the song. She paused several times during it and shaked her head a lot. The crowd seemed antsy and she picked up on it. CH: You guys want to rock don't you! (She still was able to finish the song but for a while there, I thought she was gonna call out the rest of the band and start another. )
CH: Removes her jacket. "See this sexy little number? (Referring to the black t-shirt with pink logo.) You can buy it at the consession stand. ( I looked for it and didn't see that shirt. I saw no change to the merchandise. I like the shirt she had on better than the grey one!)

8. Thin line between love and hate. CH: Are all of you going to the Lillith Fair? I can tell by looking at some of you. I don't mean to make a sexist comment or anything... But why is it that men can play guitar so much better than women? It's just an observation on my part. From what I've seen it seems to be the case. (shrugs shoulders) All of the girls want to play like me. All of the guys want to play like Adam. Go home tonight and think about it - run it through your mind. I know! Maybe it's because we do everything else. (the crowd liked that response.)

9. Don't get me wrong.

10. My city was gone. (she talked about her home town of Akron and asked the crowd to listen to the words and they will hear all about Ohio. Adam played excellent bluesy lead guitar - roaming all over the stage. Crowd singing along.

CH: said the audience was great in Denver.
CH: my guitar is out of tune. (tried a couple of times to tune guitar.) I know I can tune it. It took me 17 years to learn how. (she gives up and hands over the guitar.)
CH: Swedish junk this guitar. I should have stuck with my real telecaster. (crowd goes nuts.) You get what you pay for. Anyhow, it gives me a chance to show off my other new guitar. (sparkle top Gibson Les Paul.) She then introduces band members.
Adam introduces Chrissie: Singer, guitar player and juggler.
CH: That's right, I can juggle... being domestic and family life.
CH: I seem to want to pick a fight with someone tonight. I don't know
what it is. Usually I'm more easy going.
CH: dedicates the next song to the animals and the people from PETA. (pauses) Everyone else can go fuck yourself!

11. Back on the chain gang

12. Middle of the road. (crowd really rocking! 3/4 of crowd stood through most of the show. It really got the band energized.)

13. Precious.

14. Mystery achievement (CH did the dance routine and line dancing with Adam across the front of the stage.)

CH: Ready Girls?

15. Brass in pocket

Thank you girls.

The band was really, really fired up. Andy who did not seem to move about much in earlier shows was laughing and walking around the stage. He was even singing with Adam over at Adam's microphone during Brass in Pocket - then got his cord tangled in the stage monitors. She didn't invite anyone to help out with the " I'm special" part or hold down her mike to the audience. The security people were so up tight. Other than that the show was excellent!!!

The band really enjoyed themselves and had a great time. The audience roared and yelled stuff at the stage. I think we all wanted it to go on and on. I didn't want it to end.

Oh, I wore a black T-shirt with 15 Pretenders buttons all over it. Lots of comments from other fans and the lady who sold me pizza, didn't give me the food until she got done looking at them all.

I now have 2 new Pretender shirts and even the cap! The friends that sat with us really enjoyed the show. They were Pretender virgins (having never seen the band in concert before.) I think they'll be at their next gig as they absolutely glowed!!!

The crowd enjoyed the B-52's. Lots of dancing. Fred said lots of funny stuff like: "Thank's a helping heap as big as Pikes Peak!" Everyone laughed at that one.

Like I said - I just wish it would never end.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

by Mike Shipley

Perhaps I was putting too big of a build up on this concert. The Pretenders was the last group of a long list (The Who, Pearl Jam, Eagles, As much as you can get these days of Led Zeppelin, etc…) I have been trying to see. Somehow I had never got to see Chrissie and the gang.

After fighting weather and traffic to get to Fiddler's and waiting through the opening group, my wife and I were preparing to listen to the B-52's before The Pretenders. So it was to my surprise that Martin ran on stage followed by Chrissie in a cowboy hat (I had naively assumed that the B-52's would be warming up for The Pretenders).

What can I say, but that they were GREAT! From the opening opening drum beat until the last chord and the traditional arms on shoulders bow of the group. The only way it could have been improved would have been to have more. Call me GREEDY.

If you just absorbed the entire musical experience or followed some small minutia of guitar phasing or Chrissie's excellent voice sliding wonderfully from one note to another the concert was wonderful. After seeing a flat concert from Pearl Jam earlier this year, I had begun to wonder about how much longer my concert attending days would last. The Pretenders stopped that wonder.

Chrissie's banter with the crowd was also very entertaining, ranging from a dissing of Lilith Fair to wondering why guys play guitar better than gals.

Afterwards, the B-52's sounded distorted and very similar song to song. We left early to beat the traffic.

I was so glad that we had not planned to come later in an attempt to "skip" the B-52's.

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