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June 25, Darien, NY - Darien Lake Amphitheatre

by LB

The show started a half an hour earlier than scheduled with absolutely no warning to ticket holders. After somewhat of a slow start, the Pretenders got on track and pumped a set of greatest hits through a very bad sound system at Darien Lake Amusement Park. Amused? No, I was not, but I was very excited to see this, my first show on the summer tour!

The new song, "Legalise Me", is especially catchy and I hope to have it memorized by the end of the tour. "Night In My Veins" was the song that pushed them into high gear. Adam ripped the notes from his guitar and flung them out effortlessly.

They changed the tone of the show by slowing it down for "Thin Line Between Love And Hate", then Andy and Martin left the stage and Chrissie and Adam soared through a new song, "Rabo de Nube" which is sung in Spanish, in unison. It received polite applause - I think it confused a lot of folks. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Once the other two band members returned, they launched into the 1986 hit, "Don't Get Me Wrong". The people who had crowded into the front bounced and sang along throughout the rest of the set, which included "My City Was Gone", "Back On The Chain Gang" and "Precious", among others.

Adam's playing on "Middle Of The Road" blistered our ears, a pain we gladly endured.

At the end of the show Martin came up to the front of the stage and dumped a bottle of water over his head. I was dying of thirst and could have strangled him for wasting it, but I think we'll be seeing a lot of that on this outdoor summer tour.

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