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August 1, Concord, CA - Concord Pavilion

by Dan Gray

What an awesome show! The memories of rocking out to the Pretenders and B52's in my college dorm room in 1980 came flooding back... The high point for me was when Chrissie turned to Martin and said, see if you remember this one"... and they tore into Tattooed Love Boys!!!!! Awesome!!!! The songs that really rocked were (well all of them did, but my faves at thi show were) : Kid, Mystery Achievement Tattooed Love Boys, Precious, Don't get me wrong, Show Me, Talk of the Town.... The songs they didn't play that I really missed: The Wait, Stop Sobbing, Cuban Slide (my fave but was never a big hit I guess). Weird parts of the show: Chrissie looks up at two silhouetted riders on horseback at the edge of the pavilion as the sun sets, A guy offers her a beer when she's half way into a song, I think it was "Hymn for Her": she's nice about it at first then gets pissed off, and when she got all the middle aged putzes off their asses and standing up!

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