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July 9, Columbus, OH - Polaris Amphitheater

by LB

Columbus was a very special show.

The venue was yucky - everything was shiny-new and all things McDonald's, Pontiac and Coors were everywhere. It was a bit too much like being at Disneyland for this Pretenders bum - I'd actually rather wade through warm knee-deep spilled beer at a club to see them than go to these big outdoor venues. But my fave band is there so what am I to do? Ah, enjoy the show and shaddup about the venue already!

Their intro began and they came running out soon afterwards. The set list was a smidgie bit different (and I actually remembered to write all of them down) from the others so here it is...

Legalise Me (Caught a line this time: "I'm a farmer and I grow marijuana".)

Message Of Love ("It's great to be back in Columbus with our Message Of Loooove!")

Then she didn't know if they were going to play a ballad or not, but said we wanted to rock. She said, "These are my people, I know what they want!"

Night In My Veins (She forgot the words, but she always does.)

Kid (Which Chrissie dedicated to the old Pretenders fans, then added that it was also for the "younger people in the audience" and Jim and Pete, of course.)

The Wait (Yes, they played The Wait, and it was well worth it!)

Talk Of The Town (The song that contains the lines I used for my senior quote, "Oh, but it's hard to live by the rules/I never could and still never do.")

Thin Line Between Love And Hate (Damn, it came back.)

Rabo de Nube (Followed by, "I married a Colombian, I have to do this shit.")

Don't Get Me Wrong (Chrissie and Martin were both off through this whole song. Martin played too slow and Chrissie forgot the words. But Adam jumped in and saved the day. I love the way Adam plays this song. It seems to finally have the spring in it that it was supposed to have originally, but never did. It's been reborn, and this time it has a soul.)

My City Was Gone (Everyone finally got on their feet and stayed there. Before they started Hynde said this song was about her hometown and that she'd better get back up here to see if they built anything new, then added, "...other than that ballpark" with a nasty edge to her voice.)

Back On The Chain Gang

Middle Of The Road (I had to look at that hat again. I swear I'm gonna break down and cry of of these times. [See the LB section of the Fan Pages...] It's not even the same one, but very similiar.)

Precious (Remembered she still had the hat on, tore it off and threw it back by Martin.)

And for dessert...

Mystery Achievement (There was an extended intro as she imitated all of the B's "16 dances". Absolutely hilarious.)

Brass In Pocket

I think it was between Night and Kid that she introduced Martin. He stood up and thanked just about everyone in every seat, then said, "And thank you, too" to Chrissie. She said, "Do you have anything you'd like to say?" and he replied, "Nah..." So she nailed him with "He's a man of few words... unless you ask him something..."

This was a unique show in that the band was just out there having a great time. Chrissie had her guard down. I prefer this type of show. I love seeing them having fun instead concentrating on sounding like they do on record. If I want them to sound just like the CD, I can just play the CD!

Columbus was a very special show indeed.

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