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July 24, Austin, TX - Southpark Meadows

by Jerry Elmas

I just arrived home from the show. I guess the best thing to say is that it was great but too short for this "old timer" fan! Unfortunately, alot of lethargic fans in the front with me. They just sat there! Show was for the most part the same as what I have read from previous shows on this tour. The one possible exception was "Thumbelina" which I for one did not expect.

Show lasted for 1 hour and a quarter. The band and Chrissie all played with intensity and passion. Chrissie & Martin Chambers both are aging well! These things become more important as I fast approach 40 years old.

Just great to see my favorite band for the first time in (4) years. I hope they do a tour where they are the headliner (where they belong) once again. Chrissie made reference to the new album coming out "sometime this decade". I hope it's sooner rather than later.

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