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July 4, Atlanta, GA - Lakewood Amphitheater

by Scotto

After an energetic opening set by Royal Crown Revue, Pretenders took to the stage at Lakewood Ampitheatre at 8:20PM. Starting with "Legalise Me", the show gathered momentum the further it went... here's the song order from Atlanta (and some comments).

1. Legalise Me (Exciting song... Chrissie clearly enjoying the start)
2. Message Of Love (Played with more energy and feeling than ever before)
3. Night In My Veins (More crowd up on their feet)
4. Kid (Chrissie dedicated this to Pete, stating we're gonna play some old favorites here...)
5. Hold A Candle To This
6. Private Life
7. Thin Line Between Love And Hate
8. Rabo De Nube (Afterwards, Chrissie said "Thought we'd try something new... people up north probably like this a little more, maybe further south. If it doesn't work, what the heck.")
9. Don't Get Me Wrong (Very vigorously played)
10. My City Was Gone
11. Back On The Chain Gang (Adam clearly getting into this one... leaning forward into crowd)
12. Middle Of The Road (Chrissie donned the top hat for this one)
13. Precious
14. I'll Stand By You (Song went over VERY well here)
15. Mystery Achievement (Chrissie was apeing all of the dance moves B52s and their fans perform at the beginning of the song, rather well, I might add)
16. Brass In Pocket (Entire place on their feet)

One of the interesting comments Chrissie made concerned the differing ways Pretenders fans and B52s fans dressed; the B52's fans getting dressed up and campy- "our fans tend to dress like bums. What's up with that?" Chrissie wore a blue jacket over her long sleeve white shirt, the jacket coming off after several numbers.

A couple of people held up "Fur Kills" signs, but no mention was made of it. About halfway through the show, I quickly made my way into the front of the stage area- which was VERY hot, but well worth the trip.

It was my "July 4th Pretenders Atlanta Roadtrip"; great time. Exceeded any expectations I had (although I knew it would be a terrific show). For many of us in Florida, July 4th of '98 will be remembered for the terrible fires, the closing of I-95 and eastern roadways and no fireworks. For myself, July 4th of '98 will be remembered as a LONG but fun roadtrip to see my favorite performers put on a GREAT show.

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