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January 24 - St. Petersburg, FL - Mahaffey Theater

by LB

When we went to take our seats. I showed the little old lady my ticket. She said, "Ooh, you must know someone!" and escorted us to the first row (technically, it was the second row... Again I ask - if the front row is there but it's not used, does it still count as a row? This was the second night they did this). I turned to Taunia, "I do know someone, but they didn't give me a ticket!"

The lights went down and the music came up, then...

Lie to Me

Time (Chrissie screwed up bigtime, every verse started with "It's nobody's business what we do...")

Message of Love

My Baby

Talk of the Town

You Know Who Your Friends Are - When Chrissie sang, "Along by the canal/You can see the remnants of last night's reverie" she held her arms out to indicate shooting up.

Up the Neck - introduced Adam: "He's going to rock your world."

Fools Must Die

My City Was Gone - Chrissie halted the proceedings while she picked her fallen earring up off the stage and put it back on.

The Losing - Someone yelled out something about the Buccaneers (it was Super Bowl time). CH asked if that was sport, and said they'd just put her right off. She wondered aloud what happened to the music people who used to hate sports, because now everyone liked sports. Then she came over to us and was asking what sport it was. Everyone was yelling and finally she picked out, from the guy behind us that it was football. "FOOTball?" she said in a disgusted tone. Then she said, "I hope your team loses!" and stuck her tongue out. She headed back to her spot in the middle of the stage, the crowd booing her. She ran her hand through her hair and said, "You all have guns down here, if you don't like it, shoot me." Everyone started laughing and she continued, "We've lived long enough..."



Complex Person - the last verse was sung in Spanish, as opposed to the first verse in Jacksonville.

Don't Get Me Wrong

Back on the Chain Gang - CH said "Did I tell you I'm going to be a grandmother?" She stepped away from the mic and looked at Adam, whose eyes had popped out of his head. She shook her head and said, "Didn't I? That's because it's not true." Hmm...

Rebel Rock Me - Looking around at the audience: "It looks like the people from Caring Community are here. Well, let's get it over with right now: "Fuck off!"

Night in My Veins


Encore #1

I'll Stand By You or Thin Line (we're confused by our notes!)

Middle of the Road - CH to Martin, who is goofing around on the drums: "Martin, what are you doing?" Martin: "Making a sound like a train!"

Encore #2

The Wait

Brass in Pocket

At one point CH asked if anyone knew where she could find a book club. She said she had just finished reading "The Black Prince" by Iris Murdoch and wanted to discuss it.

At the end of the show, Adam threw out a small handful of picks. We saw a couple go up, but never saw them come down. When Taunia and I looked down at the floor in hopes that the picks were there somewhere - plink! plink! - a pick apiece fell off of our heads. So that's where they went!

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