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January 23 - Orlando, FL - Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre

by LB

The Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre reeked of mothballs and must. Someone behind us said, "It looks like Space Mountain!" and they were dead on. The stage was dark with weird glowing green and purple lights. We climbed into our third row (if they have the front row there but don't use it, does it still count as a row?) seats. I tried not to breathe because the smell was making me sick. Maybe I was a moth in a former life.

Dave Pirner came and went. His set didn't do anything for me, but the people who were in their seats seemed to enjoy it.

Lie to Me (Chrissie screwed up lyrics)


Message of Love

My Baby (Adam fixes 'em all! This sounded great!)

Talk of the Town

You Know Who Your Friends Are (screwed up the lyrics here too) - "Do you want to know how to get a body like this? Meet me backstage if you're under 40 and male."

Up the Neck

Fools Must Die - "Remember the Kingsmen? I can see you're old enough, but are you hip enough? Here's a riff we stole from them."

My City Was Gone - "Do you know why Martin is behind plexi? So he won't hurt himself!" Martin looks out, shading his eyes, "There's people out there!"

The Losing

Biker - "This is my favorite song... tonight."

Kid - "We've been doing this for 25 years." Introduced Zeb, "Our sex symbol," and Andy, "Also available in 8 days." Said it was a young audience, so she wondered why some people were using binoculars... "You must be able to see my surgical scars."

Complex Person - "I got some dirty looks when I swore - did you come to the wrong show?"

Chain Gang - Pointing at Martin: "Train your binoculars on this man, he's a riot."

Rebel Rock Me - "We're thinking of doing a country album next... it doesn't matter, we're not selling anyway."

Night in My Veins


Encore #1

I'll Stand by You

Middle of the Road

Encore #2

Don't Get Me Wrong - cut short - she said she could see the audience wasn't into it so they started the next song...

Mystery Achievement

Brass in Pocket

During her thank you: "When I try to be sincere it just sounds like crap - but we really mean it!"

The crowd sat for most of the show. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give this show a 7 1/2.

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