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February 13 - Indianapolis, IN - Murat Theatre

by Angelo S. Gazzaroli, Jr.

Let me start by saying that I do not have one negative thing to say about our whole evening in Indianapolis, from start to finish. It seemed to be a truly special night!

There were three of us, all males, who bought tickets the day they went on sale and had been looking forward to the show for over two months. We were lucky enough to get second row seats, the best any of us had ever had for any concert, so were especially pumped to get to see The Pretenders up so close. Since two of us are fifty and the other is forty, we had been to a number of shows during our years, but never been sitting so close and personal like we knew we would be at the Murat.

We made the three hour drive up to Indy listening to the six Pretenders CD's loaded in my player. Thanks to your site, we had a setlist and first listened to what we thought we could expect to hear. Then we did the "random request" thing amongst ourselves and quickly realized how many great songs we wanted to hear during the show, but knew we wouldn't. Chrissie and the Band sure have recorded a lot of good music, including the Loose Screw album which we all liked and wanted to hear songs live!

The drive up was great and heightened our excitement for the show! Since we allowed a little extra travel time, after we located The Murat Centre, we found a nice place called "The Elbow Room" and had nice meal along with many other concert-goers.

We walked into the Murat just when the lights were dimming for warm-up act, so we went straight to our seats and got fired up because they were so close and we knew right then that the night was going to be a sweet one! Then, here came The Almighty Senators! We had checked them a bit on their website and were glad to hear that they were high-energy and rocked......and they did! We thoroughly enjoyed their show and the passion they showed for their music! Chrissie said during the show that she "hand-picked" the Senators and really liked them.......we could easily see why!

The Senators started promptly at 8:00 and played until 8:40, which is how we all thought it would go down. We hit the concessions and rest room, anxiously awaiting what we had waited over two months to see..............and it was well worth the wait!

The Pretenders came out about 9:05 and opened with Lie To Me and it took only about five seconds for all three of us to realize that Chrissie and the Band were up for the show.......and so was the crowd! We had been hoping since they had been to Chrissie's hometown of Akron for a show two days prior and then took a day off, that maybe they would be primed for a little extra in their show! We immediately knew we had called it right!

Chrissie came out singing hard and we felt the energy of the Band from the start! She commented after the first song that this was the first crowd on the tour to stand up and it also was the oldest crowd they had played for! It was a good crowd, not a full house, but everyone roared when Chrissie made that comment. Everyone seemed to know that Chrissie and the Band were fired up and ready to give us a fun time and a great show!

Chrissie is extremely gifted obviously, she rocks as hard as anyone, but can turn right around and sing as sweet a song as you'll ever hear! She is an awesome talent and artist! We were just left of stage, right as the band faced us, and we loved the way Chrissie smiles and makes eye contact with her fans. That really put here way over the top for us because she projects enthusiasm for her life's work and for sharing and enjoying it with her fans! She was having fun and wanted us to know it! We were having fun and she knew it!

Chrissie came out searing the same jacket with the tie side-draped over her shoulder that she wore on The David Letterman Show a week earlier. We all stayed up late to catch them play Lie To Me! After a few songs, she kinda heated up and took the jacket off, saying she couldn't worry so much about "looking smart" because she was getting warm and ready to start rocking. The crowd roared!

The setlist was just about exactly as what you have posted here for the first to shows in Florida, except she did not play Kid. I can't remember the song that replaced it. Also, Mystery Achievement made the show versus The Wait. Every song played was great, with a nice balance between style and tempo. Chrissie played guitar on most of the songs, but there were a few that she strutted the stage with just a mike, including Don't Get Me Wrong and Brass In Pocket! She danced constantly during the show, both with her guitar and without it! She has all kinds of different moves and that enhanced her personality for the three of us! She even made a comment to the crowd about someone coming up and dancing with her and hey.........I was ready to come up in a heartbeat, but she let it kinda die because it would've been kinda hard for someone to get up there, the way the stage was separated from the first row of seats! I really think she was into it enough to truly want someone to come up and dance with her! That would've been a cool move, we thought!

We all had our favorite songs of the night, mine were Precious and Mystery Achievement because I still like the rockin' energy of the band live! All the Loose Screw songs were killer, especially The Losing..........Chrissie threw her heart into that one big-time! We had never heard Biker before and really like it too!

We had no critical comments at all about Chrissie, the Band, the Murat Theatre, the Senators or anything else. Everything was just as we were hoping disappointments at all!

If anyone reading this has the chance........go to the show nearest you! You will have the time of your life seeing and hearing outstanding music being performed.......with PASSION and PERSONALITY!

When riding around in my car since the show and listening to those six CD's, I must admit to you that I have been down because this great show has come and gone! It simply means I want more and to do it again! I truly hope The Pretenders come around again soon. I, along with my buddies, will surely be there to see them!

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