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July 20 - Lincolnshire - Lincoln Castle

by Andy Debaser

Just got back from Lincoln Castle. What a great show! No thunder storms as was expected, apart from the sound effects before the show.

I managed to get hold of a set list after the show. (It didn't include the encores). Here it is:

Fools Must Die
Message of Love
Talk of the Town
Time the Avenger
Everyday Like Sunday
Nothing Breaks
I Go to Sleep
Chain Gang
Don't Get Me Wrong
Night in my Veins
Middle of the Road

The encores were, but maybe not quite in this order:

Thin Line Between Love and Hate
Mystery Achievements
I'll Stand By You
Brass in Pocket
Stop Your Sobbing

Chrissie was in quite a playful mood throughout the show. At one point she noticed during "Kid" a man holding a mobile phone to the stage so someone at the other end could hear. She took it off him at the end of the song to speak to this someone and asked him/her why he /she wasn't there at the gig. I don't know what the answer was, but her next words were "fuck off!", also mentioning how she hates mobile phones. All said in a light-hearted manner, I must add.

Apart from The Pretenders, I thought Midge Ure and his band were surprisingly good, including a great rendition of "Vienna" - it sounds so much better with guitars and not just keyboards and synths.

All finished off with a cracking firework display.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

by Lynne Gorbutt

I've been to see the Pretenders many times before but this time was the best yet. They all played a blinder and the addition of the Duke String Quartet was inspired. Not sure about the venue (full of strawberries and Chardonnay) but the grounds were impressive and the rain held off.

Won't give the set list as the other reviewers have covered it but the classics where all there including Kid and I'll Stand By You, as well as tracks from most of the previous albums . The group seemed relaxed, especially CH who even managed a nifty bit of footwork and chatted happily with the crowd. Sadly I never got to see the original line up but in my opinion Adam and Andy are worthy replacements for Jimmy and Pete. Adam's faultless chord work and Andy's steady bass provide the perfect accompaniment to Chrissie's ever improving vocals. Martin's drum work gets better, and he cannot be underestimated for his input over the last 25 years.

Altogether they were on for one and a half hours and it flew by. It was good to see new songs being played, (especially Everyday Is Like Sunday), which only goes to prove the diversity of the band.

Must mention Midge Ure who was on first - Fade To Grey was much better with guitars.

A fabulous night. Highlights for me - Kid and Night In My Veins. My only complaint ? Where was 'Precious' ?

PS - I met the band in 1994 outside the Leadmill in Sheffield. Rule No.1 - never meet your idols !! Chrissie you were absolutely charming and I can only apologise for turning into a babbling wreck and making a tit of myself.

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