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October 28, 2001 - Manchester, England - Evening News Arena

by Simon Phillips

Set List:

0. Space Invader (taped intro), straight into.......
1. Everybody Gather Round (seemed familiar, but can't place the title)
2. Message Of Love
3. Talk Of The Town
4. Kid
5. Stop Your Sobbing
6. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (unknown title, but the new reggae song) - false start
7. Thin Line Between Love And Hate
8. Don't Get Me Wrong
9. Night In My Veins
10. Back On The Chain Gang
11. Middle of The Road
12. Brass In Pocket

Again about a 45 minute set, straight through, no encore. Tenth row centre seats so great view and great sound. Chrissie exhorts a response from the females in the audience prior to Message Of Love. Unfortunately none is forthcoming as Chrissie's comments are largely off mike and can't be heard so she leaves it with a "Ah, fuck you". Kid dedicated to "Two Pretenders who couldn't make it. Gone but not forgotten". Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (guessing at the title) dedicated to UB40. Sounded a real mess until Chrissie restarted it when they reached the first chorus - she reckons she came in a beat early ("it happens"). On-going dialogue with Martin about his Manchester origins.

Great set (albeit too short!) - reasonably well received by a largely UB40 crowd. We stayed and watched some of UB40. OK I suppose, nothing wrong with them but, come on, they're pretty boring. Left after about 40 minutes.


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