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August 8, Virginia Beach, VA - GTE Virginia Beach Amphitheater

by Chuck Spera

The August 8 show at VA Beach, VA was short but wonderfully sweet. Chrissie and the gang played for probably 40 minutes or so and the audience would have loved to have some more. Acknowledging all the greatness that is Neil Young, she venerably kneeled down and kissed the stage floor, as she stated she couldn't believe she was playing on the same stage as he was. Chissie's voice was as strong and clear as ever, the sound company deserves some good credit for making her voice sound like a CD in that big amphitheater.

Highlights of the show, were "Money Talks", "Stand By You", "My City Was Gone", and the encore "The Needle and the Damage Done". Adam played a Neil-Young-like guitar solo on "Needle" that Neil probably wishes he could reproduce, it ripped and was as awesome as it was memorable. The band performed essentially as a four-piece, your basic bar band with 2 guitars, bass and drums. Another fine chap (sorry, don't remember his name) tastefully added percussion and backing vocals throughout the show. Zeb was missed on keyboards, especially on "Hymn To Her". He and Chrissie playing together on that one has always been a show highlight for me. I understand he and Oasis are having a heck of a time with unruly bottle-throwing fans on their tour.

I was kind of hoping either Neil would join Chrissie on stage or vice versa, but neither happened. These two acts definitely fit together better than last tour's pairing with the B-52's, that was a complete mismatch.

The band sounded like they were at the top of their game and I'm sure the cohesiveness of the tour will only get better. I only wish she could have played longer.

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