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August 12, Mansfield, MA - Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts

by Mandido

"How can you NOT want to see Neil?!?!" the security guard asked me while we were talking before Neil came on. I had just watched the Pretenders set, and was still on a high from that, and I had NO desire to see Neil. For me, Neil was a cooling-down act so I could regain myself from the Pretenders INCREDIBLE performance. Just an hour and a half prior to Neil's performance, the Pretenders had jogged out on stage and performed 11 GREAT songs. Chrissie was wearing tight denim jeans, and a cool white shirt. The shirt tied up in the front, and you could see part of her black under garment showing through the shirt. She had her all-white guitar with her, and on her white guitar strap it said "AKRON VEGAN".

When my dad and I first got to the venue, we heard My City Was Gone, and thought it was just a recording, but found out from listening to the radio station that was broadcasting outside the venue that it was actually the Pretenders warm-up/sound check. I found that REALLY cool!

I tried writing down the setlist, but I was up and dancing too much. After the gig was over, a guy came up to me, and saw that I was trying to write down the setlist, and he helped me. This is what we came up with (and I'm not sure/don't think all of this is right):

The Loner
Talk Of The Town
band introduction
Message of Love
Hymn To Her
Kid- Dedicated to Jimmy and Pete like always.
My City Was Gone
Back on the Chain Gang
Night in My Veins
Needle and The Damage Done
Encore (Chrissie stuck up her pointer finger, and said "OK, one more. We have time for one more")-
Middle Of The Road

Money Talk and Forever Young weren't played.

During one of the songs Andy went over to Adam and mouth-worded "That girl from Vermont is here", and Adam didn't hear it so Andy repeated it. I couldn't believe it- that's me they're talking about! And I also couldn't believe that Andy was singing back up! He had his own microphone and everything- too cool! I think he's getting less shy.

Before I left for Mansfield on Friday, I made a bright orange sign that said "I'm A Pretenders Fan And I Want To Rock!", and I had attached it to my shoulder bag I was bringing with me to the concert. I showed it to Chrissie during the show, and she read it, nodded, and smiled.

CH kissed the stage that Neil would soon be on, like she did at the other gigs. I don't think she knew a boy band had just performed on that same stage the night before. ;)

On Hymn To Her, a guy behind me tapped me on the arm, and told me to move over which pissed me off. He was sitting and expected me to, too. Of course I didn't and he suffered through not getting to see CH because I was in his way. Hell, if he was that pissed, he should have just stood up. Although at the end of the Pretenders set, he came over to me, and was acting all friendly. He asked me my name, and said it was cool that I was so into the Pretenders.

After the Pretenders set ended, I went over towards the back of the venue to try to find Cathy, and tons of weird Neil fans kept approaching me. One guy came up to me, grabbed my hair, said "Don't ever cut your hair. It's awesome." and then let go of it, and took off before I could say anything. One guy asked me if I wanted to meet Chrissie and the band and I told him I already had. He was like "Oh."- I think he was trying to get me out of the venue. I knew he couldn't really have hooked me up with the band, and I got away from him as fast as possible.

Once Neil's set started, I noticed someone peeking out from the side of the stage. It was Chrissie! She had a big wine glass in her hand that she took a drink from frequently, and I think she was wearing Tark's coin t-shirt.

During Neil's set, these two guys were smoking pot right beside me and I got REALLY pissed off. I made sure they knew that I knew they were doing it, and they quit it after they realised I would have probably told someone if they didn't cut the shit. I wasn't about to get high from second-hand smoke, when I already was high enough from watching Chrissie and the gang.

Once the show was over, this guy that was completely smashed put his arm around me and said "So you like Pat Benetar? I saw you dancing up there." I gave him this weird look while I took his hand off my waist, and then he said "Uhh...I mean, errr, what's her name? Chrissie Hines?" And I said "Chrissie Hynde. I like her a lot." and then took off as quick as possible. He was too smashed to even talk to.

When walking back to the car, we passed tons of people just partying outside of the venue, and a lot of people had little stoves that they were cooking stuff on. I passed this one car that had these guys around it, and they were cooking burgers, and one of the guys goes "Hey! Want a burger?!" and I said "No thanks. I'm a vegetarian." And the guy said some sarcastic remark like "Oh, one of THOSE." and then I just kept walking past him. Once I had walked about 10 feet, I hear him yell from behind "Well, we have TOMATOES!" and I didn't even turn around. I just kept on going until I got to the car. Some people can be so stupid.

Also- some random stuff. Adam had a kickin' haircut (and I think Mart' had one too), and the Pretenders have the old drum set back!! It's the one that's half black and half white, and says Pretenders on it. And Cathy, Leslie, and Donna- it was AWESOME meeting you, and I hope to catch up with you all again SOON! And Nancy and Val- it was _too cool_ seeing you two again. You two really are the best- thanks. Dad wanted me to tell you he says "Thanks!" again.

I watched the rest of the band more this time. At my first gig I was totally focused on Chrissie the whole time, but this time, my eyes moved around to the other band members more. Chrissie is really INCREDIBLE to watch, but at this gig, I realised it was almost equally as fun to watch Mart' hit those drums, Adam rock out on his guitar, and Andy jam on that bass guitar.

The show ROCKED! I can't wait to go to another one.

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