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August 9, Camden, NJ - Blockbuster-Sony Music Entertainment Centre

by LB

I was just sitting in front of the computer minding my own business when the phone rang. Some friends were in Camden, NJ and the Pretenders were getting ready to take the stage. Did I want to listen in? HELL YES! I missed the last song, Forever Young, but here is a review of what I did get to hear.

Though I was told the place was nearly empty, the roar of the crowd almost caused me to drop the phone when the band first walked on stage!

The Loner - Don't know this song, but it ROCKS! Adam's guitar playing is somehow western and psychedelic at the same time.

Next up... Money Talk! Very cool. The band sounds tight.

Talk Of The Town - I could name that song in one note! The pause was VERY extended while the crowd cheered (most probably thinking the song was done...).

Kid - I couldn't hear the dedication. I think I heard her say something about someone (?) who couldn't make it? It had all the bounce and punch that it normally has, but seemed a bit more intense as did the rest of the performance.

Hymn To Her - no comment from me, but it was a good time to take a pee break and go get a drink... This is the regular, studio version, not the one they've been doing with just the organ and Adam (guess Zeb not being there pushed this one back into its regular format).

Chain Gang - Big crowd sing-along.

My City Was Gone - Again, Adam is doing some awesome things with that there guitar. It seems like he's added more small bits in between the lines? The solo is WICKED! Adam unleashed!

Band intros... Stock car racing champion Andy Hobson! (She made that up you know...)

Popstar (this was VERY popular!)

Message Of Love - Yeeeehawww!

Needle And The Damage Done - Fucking wow. This version is still as emotional as the version performed at the RRHOF show some years back.

I'd have loved to have been at the show, but the phone call was a fantastic second best.

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