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February 5, New Orleans, LA - House of Blues

by Robert Copeland

What can you expect from a sold-out, standing room only show? Imagine a performance that draws from the energy and anticipation of the crowd, the dynamic relationship between HER HIGHNESS and HER BAND and a venue that allows both of these entities to enhance the spirit of the occasion and you get one F-ing great event!

Stand Room Only means no one is BITCHING about down-in-front. If you got there early and found/secured a good spot, you were set. Security hassled only those who deserved to be hassled. It was packed, I mean really packed!

The play list was similar to those mentioned in the previous Fla. venues. "Thin Line Between Love and Hate" was added. "Bad Boys Get Spanked" and "Precious" was dropped. "Brass in Pocket" was added to the second encore set. "ROOM FULL OF MIRRORS" was un-real - Adam's fingers were smoking!

The concert began with "Samuri" - The jury is still out concerning a faster song to start the show with. But hey, if you don't like HER HIGHNESS or her play-list, then simply F-off.

Chrissie didn't seem too impressed with her hotel's room-service menu. Her animal rights philosophy was compromised when she noticed that the first item on the menu was TURTLE SOUP! The crowd was honored to hear her view on this, as well as her beliefs regarding the lack of respect paid to our (mammal) bovine cousins. After one such conveyance of these opinions, something happened that I have never experienced at a Pretender show, or for that matter, any other rock and roll show. The crowd started Mooing! I am still trying to figure that one out.

We also found out at the show that Martin had broken his foot. Hey drummers don't need their feet do they? His only problem seemed to be his hobbling around the stage during the encores. I read on the web site that Chrissie had a suffered a head injury, requiring stitches. This was not mentioned during the show, nor did anyone notice anything out of the ordinary during the act.

Gay Dad was unique, but not my cup of tea. They played a short set, enthusiastically. Talking to the people around me reflected a rather unimpressive opinion. I honestly believe the band was overshadowed by the Pretenders and didn't have a chance. I keep thinking about what a successful opening "Royal Crowne Review", the act from the 1998 tour, would have made.

The show was fantastic, the band cooked, and HER HIGHNESS showed a bit of a genuine, personal side not present in the four previous times that I have seen her.

She is a ROCK AND ROLL LEGEND. If you can make a show, do it. You'll kick yourself in the ass if you miss it! Trust me.

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