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January 27, Jacksonville, FL - Florida Theatre

by Sandy

Yee-haw!! Just back from the show. Breathtaking!!! Truly the rebirth of The Pretenders. Remember the part in VH-1 Legends where Chrissie said something like all her friends were making it in bands, but she didn't fit in anywhere. Then she hooked up with Martin, Pete, and Jimmy, and they didn't fit in either. But together they did, and they were the Pretenders. The way the kids played tonight, I had that feeling - they're really and truly a band again. What an incredible feeling! And they all looked like they were happy and having fun.

Gay Dads were okay - VERY young - the music was good, but way, way too loud for me. I even was wearing earplugs and had my hands over my ears, and still had to leave after 2 songs. I spent the rest of their set out talking to the PETA people, and met a cool lady who knows Ingrid Newkirk. I promised to get involved in some of their events in March and April. I also just saw a guy walking past "Are you Aaron?" And it was - pleasure meeting you, Aaron.

Scoped out the t-shirts - Popstar baby dolls and Biker jerseys still available, as well as a black cap with Pretenders in red. They DID have a new black t-shirt with Pretenders in red on the front, and Viva El Amor! Tour 2000 locations listed on back (no dates). $25 for this shirt, I got it because it was different and would not turn pink. And, they were also selling Viva! posters for $10 - they were probably 18"x18"???

Didn't pay attention to how long the show lasted - started at 9:10pm and ended maybe 11:15?? But it was definitely satiating.

Attendance was better than I had expected. Initially, the crowd was maybe 10% standing, 90% sitting and about 5% of them were PISSING ME OFF pulling on me, yelling at me, and throwing stuff at me to sit down. I said "you stand up or go home and watch the video" (maybe I didn't say it out loud, but just thought it). Anyway, Chrissie eventually made comments about how "comfortable the seats were in the Florida Theatre for the old people in the audience to keep sitting in." (You know how she insults people, and if they don't know Chrissie they don't realize they're being insulted. Like when she says how good the House of Blues burgers are.) "Then for the rest of you,stand up something or other". (Remember I'm already deaf from Gay Dad so I can't hear everything she's saying, and my memory hasn't been good in years.) So probably half way through till the end of the show almost everyone was standing. The crowd was very into the band, singing, cheering, dancing in the aisles. The band seemed happy, played GREAT - everybody you have to see this show!

Chrissie also remarked that she used to live in Jacksonville when her dad was stationed here in the Marines???? Es la verdad o no??? Jacksonville has only been a NAVY town for as long as I know of.

I'm going to list the set at the end of this post, so that those of you who don't want to know don't have to.

Before they played Kid, Chrissie said that "we wouldn't be here if it weren't for James Honeyman Scott and Pete Farndon, but alternately they might still be here if it weren't for us".

Chrissie said "I bet you haven't seen any of our videos lately. We're not playing that game anymore." I hooted again.

After playing Human, Chrissie said "Doesn't this look like fun? Don't you wish you had STAYED in that band. I see a sea of bass players out there. Oh sorry, Andy."

Then Chrissie mentioned that they were playing a song for the first time in public, so it would either be a historical honor for us or a disaster. I heard the first few chords and jumped to the roof - it was my favorite Viva song - and by coincidence(?), I had written to Adam in December asking them if they'd be playing this particular song on this tour and that it was my favorite on Viva. (If you can't guess what it is, it will be revealed in the setlist. That will be the quiz of the day - guessing which song had never been performed publicly.)

Security was so-so. I didn't chance any photos. Didn't even try to get to the front. (Had ok 4th row seats.) They did kick us out very quickly after the show ended.

We went outside, and a crowd was gathered around Chrissie, who was signing autographs. Then this mystery angel appeared (I have no idea who she was or how she knew my name), grabbed me by the wrist, and said "Come with me, Sandy, I'll take you to her". I said "I don't have a pen or anything to sign". Mystery person said, "Don't worry about it, she has a pen". I did have PETA's Animal Times in my hand, so I figured, "What the heck, it would be pretty appropriate to get Chrissie's autograph on it". Then mystery person sailed us through the crowd of people, took my magazine, gave it to Chrissie, and said "Here, sign this for Sandy". So I now have an issue of Animal Times with "Sandy Chrissie Hynde" written on the cow's head on the cover. Later I asked the girl if she was with the band, and she said she wasn't. I have no idea how she knew my name, or why she pulled me out of the crowd. It was kind of wild, but sometimes you just can't question those things. It's like Tarkus, I had heard of the Pretenders' t-shirt angel and then got to meet him in Atlantic City.

So Chrissie left in the limo. I waited around outside in the cold with my 2 friends from work who ended up going to the show with me - the first Pretenders' show for both of them - and they LOVED it - they were especially blown away by Adam's guitar-playing. And they also liked the truth that Chrissie exudes.

Then we talked just a bit with the Gay Dads - they are so young! We talked for quite a while with Denise, the really cool black girl with awesome long curly hair, who sings with the Gay Dads. She said that they are behind schedule getting their next album out, so they are only going to be opening for the Pretenders until February 17th or something like that.

Then we FROZE for quite a while until Martin came over and I gave him a hug. Y'all have to realize that I work in the peace and love hippy world of selling natural foods, where EVERYONE kisses and hugs. (It took some getting used to for the first couple years, but now I find myself hugging outside of work encounters.) So we talked a little bit, I introduced him to my friends, and as always he was very cordial.

Then we froze some more, and saw Adam cross the street and get onto the bus. My friends were frozen AND exhausted, so I said okay it's all over, we can go now. But... as we were crossing the street to get to the car, Adam saw us out the bus window and came out to say hello. What a nice guy!

Anyway, I'm fading real fast here, so I am going to give the setlist and try to get to sleep before I have to wake up. For those of you who don't want to know, STOP READING NOW!


Samurai (very sultry and moody)
Legalise Me
Message of Love
Talk of the Town
Downtown Akron
My City Was Gone
Baby's Breath
Private Life
Who's Who
Back On The Chain Gang
Don't Get Me Wrong
Night In My Veins
Bad Boys Get Spanked

1st Encore
Middle of the Road

2nd Encore
Mystery Achievement (with a bit of the dance seen on the B-52's tour)
Stop Sobbing
"Do we have time for one more? Okay, I know what you wanted."
Tattooed Love Boys

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