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September 9 - George, WA - The Gorge Amphitheatre

by Donna Solomon

All in all the Gorge has a lot of things going for it, although lazy fans has to be counted in , too.

We wondered upon entering the venue ( a long and weird path, we thought they tried to hide the darn thing ) if the speakers would be enough, clearly the smallest array of speakers i've seen at any venue. Well, the sound was fantastic!!!!!!

The night, threatening rain, never produced one drop, but a spectacular sunset behind the stage set it up when, in fading light a small troupe led by Mart and Chrissie sauntered up the stairs to the right of the stage.

Lucky for us, we spotted them and i yelled loudly to Adam. He and Andy turned and Adam gave me the biggest two thumbs up jumping smile i've ever seen!

The crowd sitting, me, Leslie and our compadres standing, we screamed for the band as they took the stage. Classically composed and clearly mellow, they launched into Loner getting enthusiastic support from the crowd. Chrissie made a bit more of her anti-meat statements than usual ( for this tour) and was also in general a bit more talkative between songs this go round. Usual set of songs, only difference is, SOMEHOW, Adam is getting bolder and better with every turn!

They are clearly having a good time, Chrissie and the guys lining up more often for little "guitar wars" and obviously hamming it up having a great time.

Andy did something very bright to his hair! and he also consistently has his own mike!

We waved and tried to get Chrissie to see the bandanas, which she was trying to read, but i'm afraid that from 17 back, even she couldn't quite make it out ( judging her expression and continued attempts to stare at it). ( at least i think she is amused about it ).

For some strange Ticketbastard turn of affairs, Leslie and i have been consistently on the right center of stage, about 15 rows back ( or more) each time. It occurred to us that the band must be gettting some clue that these crazy dykes keep popping up in the same place at odd intervals through this tour. We are sadly obvious because no one else bothers to stand, let alone dance , until Night in Veins struts out. For the first time this tour, got really pissed at some big guy behind us who tapped me on the shoulder and demanded that i sit. I fumed about it and attempted to defy him, but Leslie helped me to remember that when you argue with an idiot, he's doing the same.

We both skulked for a bit, but soon lots more were up and dancing so i just got up again and tried to let it go. Hell, the poor sucker had nothing else to impress his date with than his ability to threaten little people... oh well.

at intermission i smoked a clove and discussed the philosophy of slobs with Leslie ( my Libra "valium" ) - came to one conclusion that at very least we should put a good foot forward for Pretenders fans. i'm still thinkin about carryin a small sack of dog shit so that the next one who intimidates me to sit will get a load of Shit in their lap. then i'll be able to apologize and feign hard of hearing ( oops, thought you wanted some shit)

oh well, we left after about an hour of Neil, even with the newly aquired weed i'd stowed there was no way i could handle the slob behind me who was by now yelling to others in front of me to "sit down ya dumbass". For all the good that Chrissie is doing to promote the band with these rustie-jeks, i just don't know if our club takes members like this...

( my apologies to many of the fine people who go to see Neil and actually understand that a concert is meant to have fun, dance, celebrate, etc. Anyone can buy the CD's and give a good quiet and sedate listen at home anyfuckin time they want to. enuf negative

the band rocks on, and on.. and i am living a bit of my fantasy by being able to follow them a bit more and more each time. i should not complain. ( heck, this last trip to the Gorge was incredible... a couple of my clients were so intrigued by my enthusiasm after the last tour that they wanted to join us at one show this go round... little did i know that they'd insist on taking us up in their private jet. FUCK is all i can say...) looking forward to meeting up with more of us nuts at the Kali shows. anyone at the 1st Red rocks show? lets plan to get together before show if possible ) hold up your bandanas so that they can read em, they're interested in them... bless everyone lucky enough to be doing the LA shows!

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