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February 8, Denver, CO - Paramount Theatre

by Scott and Crystal Beaufort

The concert at the Paramount in Denver was one of the best I have ever seen. We arrived at the scene while Gay Dad was on-stage. I didn't get to see them perform because I was too worried about buying all the Pretenders paraphernalia that I could get my grubby little hands on. I bought the mug and several shirts. I asked the woman behind the counter about the posters and she said that they may show up soon. I wanted an autographed poster BAD and wasn't going to let that opportunity slip away. I moseyed over to another counter and bought a beer. After having a look about, I decided to plant myself on a staircase which overlooked the T-shirt booth. I had to have that poster.....

Huddled together with my husband and friends, we sipped our drinks. Suddenly, I saw a woman carrying cardboard with a tinge of red sticking out the top... I quickly said to my friends, "Out of my way!" as I ran right through them... I shoved the beer into my husband's hand and bolted for the T-shirt booth, zig zagged through the crowd saying as I approached the table, "I'll take a poster please." I saw that Chrissie had signed them, but none of the other band members did. The lady first had to count them all and find rubber bands. (If anyone is interested in the poster, buy it before the show because they go fast.) I felt like it was an eternity before she finally handed me one. Feeling victorious, I was ready to find my seat.

My husband Scott, as always, took the notes of this show for me. Without his doing so, who knows what this review would have looked like. ( I am incapable of doing anything but concentrating on the show and going berserk!!!!!) Thanks Scott!

1. They opened with Samurai. Chrissie dressed in a black jacket, black T-shirt and blue jeans. The song sounded so good.... I was so happy to hear it live and found it moving. Adam's guitar string broke during it.

CH: Aren't you going to say hi? Crowd yells "HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

2. Legalise Me

Someone threw a note on the stage. Chrissie opened and read it... Made a funny face and stuffed it into her back pocket.

3. It's good to be in Denver with our Message of Love...

CH: How are you feeling Martin?
MC: Strong as an ox, but better looking. (He flexed his muscles then gave her a smug look. She responded to him but he couldn't hear her and so they moved on...)

4. Talk Of The Town

CH: Thank you girls. I don't know why I always say girls. There are more guys here than girls. How about, thank you friends. Thanks to PETA and the vegetarians helping to fight the evil meat industry. For all the others you can go fuck yourselves. (She held out her middle finger for a bit and then looked at it in retrospect... ) Yes, the finger... which is also the symbol for love...

5. Downtown (Akron) She introduced this song as about her hometown.

6. My City Was Gone

CH: Good to see so many old people in the crowd. (Pause........) Old people are cool! You won't see us on MTV anymore. Fuck MTV. You won't see any of our tits hanging out. (Security carts girl off to the side...) Hey, I think security is molesting this girl!

7. Baby's Breath

CH: I'm such an ass licker. (Talking with security) What's the problem.... I'll have you thrown out. (She takes her hand and motions for security guy to back off.... He quickly moves to the side of the stage.)

CH: Don't we look good! We may look good, but I feel like a piece of shit. (She pulls up her bangs and says she got a nasty bruise... but it is covered with makeup, so we can't see it. Then tells of Martin's broken foot.) You know, my hair and make up girl got sick. So sorry I had to do it myself. Primps hair in a messy manner with her hand. (Crowd laughs.)

8. Thin Line - curtain drops to white.

9. Biker

CH: (Stops song, because there is a jerk up front yelling out for them to do the older songs...) CH: Do you want to come on the stage? What's the problem????? How about a little less action out front during this song. After this song, I don't care what you do. (Goes back to Biker and completes the song.)

CH: We are going to change the set list a little tonight. I'm having trouble getting off the starting block. It's not your fault. Precious for Melody. (I think that was the request in the note thrown to Chrissie earlier.)

10. Precious

11. Human (Lights crept across the audience the whole song.)

CH: You know when the lights were on the audience I noticed that you guys look as bad as us. We came here for one thing... To rock. This one is for James and Pete.

12. Kid

After this song all of the sudden Martin pulls up his shirt to expose his chest to everyone.
CH: Martin, why do you act like that?
MC: I've been working with you for 22 years haven't I?

13. Back On The Chain Gang.

CH: I guess if you want to play at this altitude you have to be up to it. Martin puts the "R" in drummer.

14. Don't Get Me Wrong (Stops song.)

CH: I'm a lesbian. No I'm not really.... (Pause.....) But I'm thinking about it! But not with you bums in the first section. Song was finished after these comments with the Jazz version.

15. Night In My Veins

16. Roomful Of Mirrors (Strobe light going...) That song kicked ass!!!!! Chrissie's voice was amazing on it. I was so overcome that I found myself halfway up the metal barrier in front of me. I hung on for dear life and just threw myself all over the place....


17. Popstar

18. Middle Of The Road


19. Mystery Achievement Chrissie walked to different sections of the stage to incite the crowd to sway their arms in different intervals. Then said, "Why are you doing that?" 20. Sobbin 21. Starts Rabo. The crowd suddenly lost steam and looked sad. SUDDENLY! the song ran into Brass In Pocket. Everybody started jumping again and seemed relieved to hear a faster song. HA!

From the minute this concert started, there was not not one person sitting in their seat. The audience responded with much enthusiasm and remained that way throughout the entire evening. Adam's guitar work was amazing...... Chrissie tossed out several picks. Andy gave one to a woman in a wheelchair. Martin handed out a drum stick as he hobbled out to the audience at the edge of the stage after the last song.

That concert KICKED ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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