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February 6, Dallas, TX - Bronco Bowl

by Scott Martin

The Bronco Bowl is cool. One of the best places to see a show in the Dallas area, 3200 seats. The atmosphere was good, the show's attendance was about 2000. You could get on the floor about 12 people deep and could walk around to a better or different seat if you liked. A beer and back to your seat is about a two min trip. Its nice to see a show in Dallas and not pay scalper prices.

The crowd seemed to be a all range age group, interesting to see how we age and still like the things we did many years ago. Did our parents do this?

The sound mix was excellent. The crew had done their homework. The drum kick seemed to give you a slight concussion every time it was hit. Martin seemed to steal the show and bring out dynamics to the band like he did 20 years ago or so.

The lights were excellent, its cool to see how they have changed over the years. The stage had several large spot lights on tripods positioned on a simple minimal equipment stage.

Its nice to see a band that is well in tune. They have played for years and it showed. They were tight and well rehearsed. Almost seemed effortless. The Pretenders played a good balance of old and new stuff with a good cross section mix. The set list was similar to the ones on the previous reviews listed from this tour. I'm not sure of all the new song names. They played two encores. The show was about two hours long.

Chrissie didn't talk much to the audience, I know she is sarcastic when she does but her promotion to the PETA stand was disturbing. Her views are known, and are accepted but when she asked the audience who had meat that day in some form or fashion and got a majority response she told everyone to "F**k off or go F**k yourselves". Wow, What a way to get a point across or gain votes for change. The audience got quiet. We wished she just would keep that to herself and play music like they do so well. I'm sure some people will not go back to see them again because of this. Promotion for such a concept could improve with a little better delivery. I think this could help record sales as I'm sure she hurt them, and lost some respect and fans last Sunday night.

I saw the Pretenders at the Agora Ballroom, maybe it was the Paladium in Dallas, in 1982 their last time through, I wonder if I will go in twenty more years!

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