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One of my first and favorite Pretenders moments occurred during their first visit to the US... I was a sophomore at the State University of NY at Albany. Already having been blown away by the release of the first Pretenders album, I was ecstatic to find out that they would be playing at JB Scotts--downtown! I purchased several tickets and on the night of the big show, wouldn't you know... it would be one of the snowiest, coldest nights of the year. I coaxed my friend Robin into going ("you've GOTTA go! If they're even half as good as the record, it's gonna be excellent!"). We got a lift from another friend down to the club and went in. The band came out while Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries played and from the first notes (The Wait was the first tune played) to the last, it was definitely the most electrifying show that I have EVER been to. When the show was over, the streets were covered in about 7" of snow. We ended up walking all 12 blocks back to the campus- but it didn't matter. It was such an incredible evening. I was totally sold on Pretenders and have been ever since!