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From left to right:
Janelle, Sandy, Chrissie, Sandra

There's a little funny story that goes along with the picture of Chrissie, Janelle, Sandra and me. I think the way it happened was that Sandra asked Chrissie if I could snap a picture of Chrissie with Sandra and Janelle. She said yes and I did. Then Sandra was going to snap a picture of Chrissie, Janelle, and me. At that point, Chrissie grabbed the camera out of Sandra's hands, saying something like "this guy's the best photographer in rock, let him take a picture of all of us." Chrissie took my disposable camera out of Sandra's hands and handed it to some guy standing near her. (I have no idea if he really is a photographer.) So the four of us are just getting posed for the picture, me standing to Chrissie's right, and I started to assume my usual rock star photo pose - standing sideways, back arm raised, front arm outstretched with palm up. If you're geeky enough to have REO Speedwagon's 'You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish' album, the band uses that pose - and that's where my crazy friends, Luann, Patrice, and I got that pose from - when we used to chase that band back in '81. So anyway, there I am next to Chrissie, starting to assume the pose, and she turns and looks at me. I immediately thought, "OH NO, I'M DEAD" and quickly put hands down, trying to 'pretend' I didn't do that. The guy snapped the picture and handed the camera back to Chrissie, she hands it back to me. I say my usual "Thank you, ma'am". (another ugh! - I say that to all females - no implication of matronliness). When I got the pictures back and saw Chrissie sticking out her tongue in the photo, I thought "cool" - she wanted to have fun posing, too.