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Rick Stegman

It was April of 1992, flying from Detroit back to Cleveland (from Orlando). My wife, myself and my 1 year old daughter were sitting in the rear of the plane when the very last passengers boarded. My wife said "I think that is Chrissie Hynde". It was no doubt with her two daughters. They came to the back of the plane and sat down 2 seats in front of us but had to be moved because extra flight attendants were on board. I couldn't believe they asked them to move! I said to my wife "Do they know who that is?" Apparently not. The flight attendants were so rude to her. I don't even think they were able to sit together.

Chrissie was wearing a black silk windbreaker with something about "Moodswings" on the back of it. We reached the baggage carousel where I wanted to approach Chrissie, but opted not to since I thought I would be a bother and distraction. My wife insisted that I not approach her for picture or conversation! It was very hard to resist as she waited by the curb for her ride (her parents I think). We lived in Cuyahoga Falls for 6 years and saw the Pretenders at the Richfield Coliseum - they were excellent!

Rick Stegman - Greensburg, PA