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The Story Of Mandido -

I first heard the Pretenders name when I met a girl online that happened to mention them. I had no clue who they were and just fluffed them off. Well, a couple of days later I saw the name Pretenders on VH-1, and I changed it, but then decided to change it back for a second, since I knew my friend liked them, and I thought I would watch this little thing on them so I could report back to her that I actually saw them. Well, the show turned out to be "The Best Of Hard Rock Live", and they didn't play the whole setup but they played "Dont Get Me Wrong", and "Back On The Chain Gang"....after I finished watching, I found out I really liked those two songs, but I decided not to tell my friend I liked them a lot, and I would just say that the songs were O.K. (I was very interested by the lead singer that seemed to have wicked girl power and mascara running down her face) When I reported back to my friend, telling her that the songs were O.K., she suggested for me to go to CD NOW and sample some new tracks from the CD, Viva El Amor. Well when I heard "Who's Who", I was completely in love - I was soo stunned by the beautiful "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii got better than you" and it gave me chills. It happened by luck that I was going to my local music store the next day, and had some extra money so I decided to pick up Viva El Amor. After I got home, I listened to Viva and I knew I was hooked since I was so stunned and amazed of this new band I had found, and I knew I needed to see what other CDs they had out, and what other info I could get on them. Since then I have gotten all the CDs, The Singles the video, The Isle Of View the video, Boys On The Side, and G.I. Jane soundtracks, and many articles and pictures of the band. (new and old) I can't really explain why my love for them has progressed so quickly, but I think it was that first night when I saw Chrissie and her playing her heart out with that guitar on Hard Rock Live that I realized I needed a change of direction of my music...and boy, did I get one!

Viva El Amor is still my favorite album because that album touches me like no other one has. It's confusing but fun to share Pretenders joy with my best friend. I owe my Pretenders love to her! she introduced me, but why it has gotten to loving them more then anything and only listening to them and freaking just seeing a word from a song or anything - who knows?!?

My mom's boyfriend has his numbers on his house and on the numbers it says "brass" - there was no stopping me after that! I sing Brass In Pocket everytime I see it. Also, when walking on a back road I can't help but to get in the middle and sing Middle Of The Road. When mom is looking for the keys to her car and says "WHAT THE HECK, I can't find them anywhere", I burst out singing Mystery Achievement!! ("I mean what the heeccckkk") Anytime the word "Ohio" is mentioned... BAM! there I go singing My City Was Gone...who knows folks?!?! I love 'em! That's my only excuse! :oÞ

Also check out her great drawing of Chrissie!