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Leticia Sallorenzo

Hello! My name is Leticia Sallorenzo, but my friends call me Lele. The picture above shows my most sincere greetings to you!!

I am one of the few Brazilian fans of this wonderful, gorgeous band called Pretenders.

Well, I think I should start by saying I became a Pretenders fan a little too late:

The band only came to Brazil (Oops! Let's change a little this perspective?) The band first came to Brazil (Ah, now that sounds better!!) in January 1988, for the first version of Hollywood Rock. Along, came Simple Minds, Simply Red and UB 40, who were in evidence by then.

I became a real fan a few months later. Don't ask me why. I dunno if it was the chords of Message of Love or Back on the Chain Gang. All I know is that that woman conquered me!!! And I was only 15!!!! I ran to get their most recent album: The Singles (It was in 1988, remember...)

I memorized all the song of The Singles, and sought for a way to get the lyrics of the songs. "Ah, Lele, you can get them on the Internet!" Yes, I know that. But in 1988 there was no World Wide Web! Believe me, kids, there once was a time with no online connection!

I was struggling to get their most recent album, Get Close. I still remember when I finally got it, and I heard for the first time "When I change my life". Tears came to my eyes. That song really touched me deep inside. When Chrissie says "I want a place in sun, I want to be in love with someone". I thought: "Hey! I want that too!" And then I realized that nasty little girl called Chrissie managed to synthesize the longings of all Occidental Contemporary Women in two lines!

I had so much to learn about Chrissie yet! When I went to College, I demanded a gift: mummy gave me "The Pretenders with Hyndesight", by Mike Wrenn. I must have read that book around six times.

There in that book was listed my goals: Pretenders I, II and Learning to Crawl, the previous albums. I got them with a second-hand LP seller, at Avenida 13 de Maio, downtown Rio de Janeiro.

The first one I got was PI. I was a trainee in a software company, used to work in front of that second hand seller. When he called me (needless to say we became dear friends...) and said: "I got the album you want!", I ran like crazy, got the album, and oh, how the hours lasted that day!

At the end of the workshift, my colleagues invited me for a drink. My dear album and me had to go for that drink, unfortunately. I got home a little high, and heard the album. The day after, I heard the album again. Couldn't remember what I've heard the night before!!!!

After getting together my Pretenders collection, I went after my second goal: rebuild the collection, this time on CDs.

Then, I started having Internet in College. What was my first search at Alta Vista? Yes! "Pretenders". There I found Chang's home page (where is it, for God's sake? I think it became one of those "404 URL not found"...), and once again, my dream came true: all the lyrics!!!!

Later, I found these Archives, and was invited to be part of the Talk of the Town. And here I found out this "madness" of mine was "normal", many other people worldwide know how I feel.

Well, I only finished my collection last year, when I finally made it to the US. I got Learning to Crawl on CD!!! Unfortunately, my budget and my money didn't allow me to go see Ms. Hynde. But one day I will. Better: She will come back to Brasil, pretty soon! And I hope I can interview her!!

But my next goal now is to realize the beauty of the poetry of "Show me". The Pals at the List said that the meaning of the song can only be felt the day your kids are born. "Welcome to the human race / with its wars, diseases and brutality / You with your innocence and grace / Restore some pride and dignity / To a world in decline".

Guys, are you available? :)

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