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A-Z of Pretenders Songs 

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Walk Like A Panther
(Loose Screw)
Jarvis Cocker/Richard Barratt/Dean Honer/Jason Buckle

Waste Not Want Not
(Pretenders II)
C. Hynde 

Watching The Clothes
(Learning To Crawl)
C. Hynde

Whatcha Gonna Do About It single
A Small Faces cover, this track was recorded by the Pretenders exclusively for Flexipop magazine and released with the May 1981 issue, then reissued at a later date. Years later, WEA had the song remixed and released it as the B-side of the 1987 Kid remix with a slight name change to What You Gonna Do About It.

When I Change My Life
(Get Close)
C. Hynde 

When Will I See You
C. Hynde/J. Marr 

Where Has Every Body Gone? single
(The Living Daylights soundtrack)
C. Hynde/John Barry 

Who's Who
(Viva El Amor)
C. Hynde

Windows Of The World single
(1969 soundtrack)
B. Bacharach/H. David 

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