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A-Z of Pretenders Songs 

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(Viva El Amor)
C. Hynde 

Saving Grace single
(Loose Screw)
C. Hynde/Billy Steinberg/Tom Kelly

Sense Of Purpose single
C. Hynde 

Show Me single
(Learning To Crawl)
C. Hynde
The Show Me single was not released in the UK. 

Space Invader
P. Farndon/J. Honeyman-Scott 

Spirit Of Life
(Non-LP B-side)
Meg Keene
Can be found on various releases of Sense Of Purpose and Never Do That.

Stop Your Sobbing single
Ray Davies
The very first Pretenders single. Chrissie listened to this Kinks song over and over when she was 14 years old. It was on the charts for 9 weeks and reached #34. 

Swinging London
(Non-LP B-side)
Chrissie Hynde/James Honeyman-Scott/
Pete Farndon/Martin Chambers

The second instrumental on the B-side of the UK release of Brass In Pocket

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