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A-Z of Pretenders Songs 

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Rabo De Nube
(Viva El Amor)
Silvio Rodriguez 

Rebel Rock Me
(Last Of The Independents)
C. Hynde 

(Last Of The Independents)
C. Hynde
Often dedicated during live shows to anyone who has given up their time to help the environment. 

Room Full Of Mirrors single
(Get Close)
Jimi Hendrix
I remember Martin telling us, a small group of fans waiting outside a venue in mid-August, 1984, that they'd just recorded a Hendrix song called "Room Full Of Mirrors". He seemed very pleased with it. Unfortunately, this is the only track on the Get Close LP Martin drummed on. It's also just about the best song on the album. Listening to this song is akin to experiencing multiple orgasms. 

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