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A-Z of Pretenders Songs 

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If There Was A Man single
(The Living Daylights soundtrack)
C. Hynde/John Barry
On the charts for 6 weeks, If There Was A Man topped out at #49.

I Go To Sleep single
(Pretenders II)
Ray Davies
The Kinks never recorded this song, but Cher did. The single reached #7 and stayed on the charts for 10 weeks. Originally, the band hated the video so much they wouldn't allow it to be released. Somehow, it managed to make its way onto The Singles video collection. 

I Hurt You
(Learning To Crawl)
C. Hynde 

I Remember You
(Get Close)
C. Hynde
An older song that the original lineup never could work out well enough to record, finally gets a chance on Get Close. Chrissie described it as having an "Under The Boardwalk kind of feel". 

I'll Stand By You single
(Last Of The Independents)
C. Hynde/B. Steinberg/T. Kelly
The Pretenders third signature song (after Brass In Pocket and Back On The Chain Gang), Stand went to #10 and hung around on the charts for a full 10 weeks. In the US, this single went on and off the Adult Contemporary charts for over half a year, nudging up another notch or so each time. 

I'm A Mother
(Last Of The Independents)
C. Hynde/J. F. T. Hood
Check out that howl! 

I'm Not In Love single
Graham Gouldman/Eric Stewart
Recorded for the Indecent Proposal soundtrack. 

In The Sticks
(Non-LP B-side)
M. Chambers 
This track backed the US release of Louie Louie and the UK single Day After Day. So catchy is this tune that it even squeezed itself onto the Attack Of The Killer B's LP (which, along with Revenge Of The Killer B's, showcased the most excellent B-sides available at the time.) It's like a country and western surfing instrumental! 

I Should Of
(Loose Screw)
C. Hynde/A. Seymour 

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