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A-Z of Pretenders Songs 

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Dance! (full length version)
(Get Close)
C. Hynde 

Day After Day single
(Pretenders II)
C. Hynde/J. Honeyman-Scott
On the charts for 4 weeks, Day After Day topped out at #45. 

Don't Get Me Wrong single
(Get Close)
C. Hynde
Written with John McEnroe in mind, Don't Get Me Wrong pounded its way to #10 and held on to the charts with both hands for 9 weeks.
   According to Pretenders fan and fellow researcher, Robert Kacsich: The Avengers episode that was used for the Don't Get Me Wrong video is episode #25 of season #5, the last of the episodes with Diana Rigg. The clips were taken from the end of that episode. In the first scene, Steed looks out of the window to watch how Emma Peel departs. In the second scene, he welcomes her successor Tara King, whose image was replaced by Chrissie's in the video.

Downtown (Akron)
C. Hynde
Written in a room at the Quaker Hilton in Akron, Ohio during a visit in the late '80s. 

Dragway 42
(Viva El Amor)
C. Hynde 

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