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A-Z of Pretenders Songs

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Baby's Breath
(Viva El Amor)
C. Hynde/Billy Steinberg/Tom Kelly

Back On The Chain Gang single
(Learning To Crawl)
C. Hynde
The first single released after the death of Jim and loss of Pete. Chain Gang is the band's second signature song (after Brass In Pocket). It went up to #17 and held on to the charts for 9 weeks.

Bad Boys Get Spanked single
(Pretenders II)
C. Hynde
Ooh, that whip sounds wicked! The effect was created by recording the sound of guitar strings being hit against a post, then slowing it down.

(Viva El Amor)
C. Hynde

My Favourite song from Viva!

Birds Of Paradise
(Pretenders II)
C. Hynde

Blue Sun
C. Hynde/B. Steinberg/T. Kelly
Only available on The Isle Of View laserdisc.

Bold As Love single
Jimi Hendrix
To quote a friend of ours, "More Hendrix than Hendrix!" To quote Chrissie, "Bold As Love, I thought, was one of the quintessential Jimi Hendrix songs. I wanted to...get the cosmic aspect of what he was all about... this song describes all the colors of the auras, the chakras, you know, it gets into the anger, purple; envy, green... If we'd had a bit more time, maybe we would've been able to even cosmic it up a bit more." Bold As Love is available on the Stone Free Hendrix tribute CD.

Born For A Purpose
Dr. Alimantardo
Available on the PETA CD, Tame Yourself.

Brass In Pocket single
C. Hynde/J. Honeyman-Scott
Their "signature song" (for the first batch of fans). Brass was on the charts for 17 weeks and reached #1. The US release of the single was called "Brass In Pocket (I'm Special)".
   The mysterious lyrics to Brass have baffled listeners for nearly two decades. What is "reet"? And what might a "new skank" be? "Got bottle - I'm gonna use it..."? It's not as mind-boggling as one might think. Skank is to move one's body rhythmically from side to side, moving the arms along with the rest of the body. "Reet" means righteous. So what's she talking about? She's got herself a new way of movin' and groovin' and it's hip. As for the not-so-listener-friendly "got bottle...", that is British slang meaning "courage or confidence".

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