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A-Z of Pretenders Songs 

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(Windows Of The World B-side)
D. Alexander/S. Asheton/R. Asheton/J. Osterberg, Jr.
From the b-side of the Windows Of The World single. J. Osterberg, Jr. is better known as Iggy Pop. 

2000 Miles single
(Learning To Crawl)
C. Hynde
Chrissie once described the original video for this as "Absolutely hideous!" It was shown in Europe and either pulled or never released in America. The revamped version used on The Singles shows a 1983 appearance on the UK television show The Tube, and cuts to clips of the original lineup on tour. This song stayed on the charts for 9 weeks and went up as high as #15.

977 single
(Last Of The Independents)
C. Hynde/B. Steinberg/T. Kelly
977 went to #66 and was on the charts for 2 weeks. 

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