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Warner Bros Gold Medal
US 1980 promo
Warner Bros
(LP: PRO-A-841)
Stop Your Sobbing & Kid

Rock 80
US 1980
K-Tel (LP: TU2780;
Cassette: TU2784)
Brass In Pocket

Certified Gold
US 1981
K-Tel (LP: TU2832)
Brass In Pocket

Hits Hits Hits
UK 1981
Ronco (LP: RTL2063)
I Go To Sleep

Attack Of The Killer B's
US 1982
Warner (LP: 1-23837; Cassette: 4-23837)
In The Sticks

Direct Hits
UK 1982
Telstar (LP: STAR 2226)
Back On The Chain Gang

Fire & Ice
US 1982
Warner Bros
(LP: OP1525 on label, 51300 on cover)
Brass In Pocket

Modern Rockers
UK 1982
(LP: WW5135 0)
Message Of Love

Italy 1984
WEA (LP: 240409-1)
Middle Of The Road

Hit Mix
US 1984
K-Tel (LP: TU4010)
Middle Of The Road

Hot Line 60
Japan 1984
Pop (LP: MH6660)
Middle Of The Road

Revenge Of The Killer B's
US 1984
Warner (LP: 1-25068)
Money (live)

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