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Bootlegs - Vinyl

The hardest bootlegs to find now for the obvious reason that they're much older than the CDs. For those who don't remember much about vinyl, it offered more room for artwork, lyrics, posters and inserts. Compact disc covers struggle to hold just the song titles, let alone anything else. You can sometimes find records for bargain prices from dealers who have been trying to "get rid" of their vinyl for years, but they usually cost more than the CDs. If you find any of these, they're worth the higher prices.

Recorded Live In Europe
(Beacon Island Records - Australia - 1979)

The Wait / Kid / Brass In Pocket / Cuban Slide / Mystery Achievement / Space Invader / Private Life / Stop Your Sobbing / Tattooed Love Boys / Precious

Contains a classic performance from the very, very early days. The band sounds raw... not at all bad, just rough. Chrissie's voice, while still better than most anyone else's, lacks the depth and agility it has now. The very end of Stop Your Sobbing is cut off.

Still Pretending

Tattooed Love Boys / Space Invader / Precious / Brass In Pocket / Kid / I Wanna Dance / Mabe Tomorrow / Stop Your Sobbing

Taken from the 1980 Warner Brothers Music Show promo which was recorded at The Paradise in Boston, Massachusetts. Available in picture disc, black vinyl or multi-coloured vinyl. The picture disc has a black and yellowish version of the picture from the back of the band's debut album. The black vinyl comes with either a pink or yellow insert of the same picture. Who can resist song titles such as "I Wanna Dance" (Cuban Slide) and "Mabe Tomorrow" (Talk Of The Town)? Or the mislabeled versions of Space Invader (listed as Tattooed Love Boys [I often confuse the two myself]), The Wait (as Space Invader) and Private Life (as Brass In Pocket)? This is one that was definitely printed in someone's basement. Some have blank white labels, others can make you the proud owner of a Pretenders recording on "King Toot Records". Who could pass that up?

The Wait
(Centrifugal Records 12CENT-01 - England - 1979)

The Wait / Brass In Pocket / Mystery Achievement / Stop Your Sobbing / Kid / Cuban Slide / Tattooed Love Boys

This recording was taken from the 1979 BBC Radio 1 show at the Paris Theatre in London, aired in 1980. The quality of the production is fairly poor considering that the Talk Of The Town bootleg is also taken from the same show, but sounds much better. This recording sounds as though it has been slowed down just enough to make the band seem lethargic. Cuban Slide has never again seen such a country influence. The records play on 45 speed. 2 LPs.

Talk Of The Town (Not Real Records 006 - Denmark)

The Wait / Stop Your Sobbing / Kid / Cuban Slide / Brass In Pocket / Mystery Achievement / The Wait / Talk Of The Town / Cuban Slide / Swinging London (instr.) / Nervous But Shy (instr.)

Released in 1980 and taken from the same show as The Wait (see above). Talk Of The Town includes these extras: The Wait (the version produced by Nick Lowe [the UK Sobbing b-side]), Talk Of The Town (UK version), Cuban Slide (the flip of Talk Of The Town - UK release), Swinging London, and Nervous But Shy (both the instrumental b-sides of the UK release of Brass In Pocket). This album claims to be a promo and goes on to list the label as "Not Real Records" (at the time, the Pretenders' UK label was Real Records). Its one quirk is the uncredited inclusion of The Castaways' "Liar, Liar" as the last track. Very odd... great, but odd.

One Night Stand
(Centrifugal Records 12CENT-17 - England - 1980)

The Wait / Precious / Talk Of The Town / Cuban Slide / Private Life / Space Invader / The Phone Call / Tequila / Brass In Pocket / Kid / Porcelain / Tattooed Love Boys / Up The Neck / Mystery Achievement / Stop Your Sobbing

Ah, the elusive One Night Stand. Used to be easily found, then started vanishing from record swaps around 1985. For ages this was the only place you could hear Tequila. It's still the only place you can hear the original lineup's version of it, unless you happen to have the demo tape they made or something. 2 LPs.

Cynical Sensation (TBS Records PR-006 - US - 1980)

Flight Of The Valkyries / The Wait / Precious / Talk Of The Town / Cuban Slide / Private Life / Space Invader / Phone Call / Brass in Pocket / I Go To Sleep / Kid / Porcelain / Tattooed Love Boys / Up The Neck / Mystery Achievement / Stop Your Sobbing / Private Life #2 (previously unreleased anywhere else ever)

Actually includes and lists Flight Of the Valkyries, the song the band used as an intro (which usually merged with Dancing In The Streets). Slick performance until they slip on that runaway freight train of a song Tattooed Love Boys. This is the worst version of this song you could ever hope to find. At one point, it's just Chrissie singing and playing guitar... the guys just stopped, probably in hopes of restarting in time, which doesn't happen. To quote Chrissie's comment following the song, "Well, we fucked that one up a treat...". Recorded in London on May 3, 1980. Includes "Private Life #2 (previously unreleased anywhere else ever)", a claim it can still boast, and Chris Spedding on Sobbing. The extra Private Life sounds like it's from a rehearsal (soundcheck?), but who's to know? 2 LPs.

Pretending And Hoping

The Wait / The Adultress / Message Of Love / Brass In Pocket / Mystery Achievement / Talk Of The Town / Birds Of Paradise / Private Life / The English Roses / Stop Your Sobbing / The following songs are from the US Festival 1983 (the new line-up):  My City Was Gone / Stop Your Sobbing / The Wait / Money

The return of "King Toot"! Probably released in 1984. The track listings are somewhat screwy - Mystery Achievement and Louie Louie are not listed, but are on the album. The cover is a green folder stamped with "File Under Pretenders". Also has an insert and a photograph of a magazine article. Most of the songs were recorded at the Santa Monica Civic in Santa Monica, California on September 4, 1981 (insert says "1982). The last few songs are from the Pretenders' performance at the US Festival in San Bernardino, California on May 30, 1983. While the rest of the band's performance was below average during the '81 show, Jim Honeyman-Scott tears out beyond everyone else and aims high. He stakes his claim to Private Life from the start, which is good because everyone else is sort of clunking along. You actually wait impatiently for Chrissie to stop singing so you can hear what he's going to stun you with next. The song soars because of his guitar work. The unlisted inclusion of Kid will show you just why this song reminds Hynde of Honeyman-Scott. There is nothing particularly engaging about it until the end, where Jim takes over and really makes it fly. You have to hear this, whether you buy this LP or find a copy of the show on tape (fairly easy to do since it was broadcast on American radio). I've always thought this was put together by a real fan. 2 LPs.

Lyon '84

Message of Love / Thumbelina / Thin Line Between Love And Hate / My City Was Gone / Back On The Chain Gang / Bad Boys Get Spanked / Mystery Achievement / Up The Neck / Middle Of The Road / Precious / Room Full The Mirrors

A classic bootleg LP. It sounds as if the microphone used to record the show was tucked deep inside someone's pocket (and it probably was). There are no frills here, just a plain white jacket, pressing number stamped onto an otherwise unmarked label, and a photocopied insert that bears the song titles, including a retitled "Room Full The Mirrors". If you obtain one of these, you'll get to hear Chrissie speak French! The manufacturers claim to have limited the number of pressings to 499, making it more desirable, as well as more difficult, to own. After searching for this particular album for ten years, I have to admit I believe there may only be that many. Ours is stamped #0289.

The Pretenders Live! (RSB-003)

The Wait / Stop Your Sobbing / Kid / Cuban Slide / Brass In Pocket / Mystery Achievement / The Wait / Talk Of The Town / Cuban Slide / Swinging London / Nervous But Shy

Same as Talk Of The Town (and The Wait), but different label and cover. Also does not include Swinging London and Nervous But Shy (or Liar, Liar). Another kooky label: "American Pride Records - Tomorow's (sic) Stars Today", "See Cover For Selections" and "c. 1987".

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