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By The Light Of the Magical Moon (Halmark HM 019)

Room Full Of Mirrors / Message Of Love / Time Of The Avenger / Kid / Light Of The Moon / My Babe / Ohio / Pink To Her / Mystery Achievement / I Go To Sleep / Back On The Chain Gang / Middle Of The Road / Chill Factor / Donít Get Me Wrong / Donít Let Me Down / Plus bonus tracks: Stop Your Sobbing / Back On The Chain Gang

From around 1988. Possibly the most unusual Pretenders performance ever taped. Recorded in Montreux around 1987 (July 7, 1987 if you care to believe the bootleg). The drummed intro to Message Of Love lasts over a minute. Eventually the other musicians come into the song, the keyboards sounding like something electrical being shorted out. Irritating. The bonus tracks sound like they were taken from Live Aid (if you trust me on it). Bears the following incorrect song titles: "My Babe", "Ohio", and "Pink to Her" (Hymn To Her). Includes the very rare (how many times have you heard it?) cover of The Beatles song Don't Let Me Down, which will simply melt your heart.

Searching For Ray (Pretenders featuring Chris Spedding)
(Lust For Live 073 - Italy - 1991)

The Wait / Precious / Talk Of The Town / Cuban Slide / Private Life / Space Invader / The Phone Call / Brass In Pocket / I Go To Sleep / Kid / Porcelain / Tattooed Love Boys / Mystery Achievement / Stop Your Sobbing

Same as Cynical Sensation, minus Up The Neck and "Private Life #2".

The Adultress (Chapter One CO25158 - Italy - 1991)

Room Full Of Mirrors / Message Of Love / The Adultress / Time The Avenger / Kid / Light Of The Moon / My Baby / Private Life / Hymn To Her / Back On The ChainGang / My City Was Gone / Up The Neck / Bad Boys Get Spanked / Middle Of The Road

Recorded at the Pavilion in Chicago, March 24, 1987. Middle Of The Road, listed as the last track, is not included. The last two songs on the CD (not listed on the cover) are Precious and Brass In Pocket. The band sounds good, but I still miss Martin when I listen to this CD.

Roll On Chrissie (American Concert Series ACS 029 - Italy - 1992)

Room Full Of Mirrors / Message Of Love / The Adultress / Time The Avenger / Kid / My Baby / My City Was Gone / Up The Neck / Bad Boys Get Spanked / Middle Of The Road / Back On The Chain Gang / Light Of The Moon / Don't Get Me Wrong / Brass In Pocket / Mystery Achievement / The Wait

Taken from the same Chicago 1987 show as the Adultress, but track listings are a bit different: This one drops Private Life and Hymn to Her, and adds instead Don't Get Me Wrong, Brass In Pocket, Mystery Achievement and The Wait.

Live Vol. 1 (Joker JOK-031-A - Australia - 1993)

The Wait / Message Of Love / The Adultress / Time The Avenger / My City Was Gone / Show Me / Kid / I Go To Sleep / Thin Line Between Love And Hate / Waste Not Want Not / Thumbelina / Back On The Chain Gang / Mystery Achievement / Middle Of The Road / Stop Your Sobbing / Talk Of The Town / Brass In Pocket / Up The Neck / Precious

This was a Westwood One Radio Show. It was recorded (and aired live that night) in Los Angeles. The show was rebroadcast on June 2, 1984. The CD contains Precious, which was censored originally and omitted from the antiseptic rebroadcast. Available with (at least) two different covers. Many Pretenders fans consider this live recording to be their favourite.

Now & Then (Kiss The Stone KTS 324 - Italy - 1994)

Talk Of The Town / Hollywood Perfume / Money Talk / Donít Get Me Wrong / My City Was Gone / Kid / Iíll Stand By You / Back On The Chain-Gang / Night In My Veins / Middle Of The Road / Mystery Achievement / Precious / The Wait / The Adultress / Message Of Love / Louie Louie / Day After Day / Bad Boys Get Spanked / Up The Neck

The first 11 songs were taken from the Glastonbury '94 broadcast. Tracks 12-19 are from the Dominion Theatre in London, July 30, 1981. The fold-out cover has a rare picture of the band, a quick Pretenders history lesson and a picture of Chrissie on the CD. Talk Of The Town, the first track, will make you cringe as someone was well beyond the bounds of out-of-tune - but I must confess, if you were able to see the otherwise incredible Glastonbury gig... I hate you I hate you I hate you! And for the first time, maybe ever, Hynde made a "wish" instead of a "weesh", and it fidn't dit. Also available on cassette.

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