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Pretenders Day After Day

July 7, 1979 - 'Kid' is Single of the Week in Record Mirror

A review written by James Parade from Record Mirror, July 7, 1979

Pretenders to the Throne

There are five singles of the week

The Pretenders: 'Kid' (Real)

This is an exquisite record. It's modern without trying, reeks of emotion, especially in the vocal, and is supurbly produced (by Chris Thomas). I always thought 'Stop Your Sobbing' was kind of amateurish attempt as a hit.

This really is a completely different cup of Earl Grey. The bit where she says You're so wrong gives me knee trouble, the guitaring is just right, the arrangement is perfectly concise and they even look good. Those who preferred the other one will never understand. Who cares if it's got the same tune as "More".

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