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Gig Posters

Gig posters are highly coveted, very collectible, and extremely rare. These are for specific dates and venues as opposed to tour posters, which advertise an entire tour. Only a few copies of each gig poster are ever made. They hang in venues and ticket windows (and sometimes, as with the smaller ones, around town) for only a short period of time, then are generally discarded (landfill!) unless someone rescues them.

I got this poster from a fellow collector who bought it hoping there would be a picture of the band on it. He was disappointed with it enough that he was going to actually throw it out... unless I wanted it? Well, I couldn't say it was a gorgeous poster, but of course I wanted it! This is from Sheffield University in England, July 13, 1979. This could be the only one left as we're not aware of any others.
20" x 30"

Another from the UK, this time from January 29, 1980. The same fellow collector who gave me the Sheffield poster also gave me this one because he was, once again, disappointed by the lack of a band photo.
20" x 30"

We are lucky enough to have two different versions of this wonderful poster advertising the July 17, 1981 show in the UK.
20" x 30"

This 17" x 23" poster advertises the band's appearance in Tulsa, Oklahoma on September 12, 1981 (because on December 9, 1981, they were in the UK). According to their tour schedule, they were in Tulsa on the 13th, not the 12th. We learned from a dealer, who had a corrected copy of this poster, that it was a printing error. The corrected copies, which are the most common, have a white sticker with the right show date slapped over the error printed date.

It's a bit beat up, but we just love this fabulous poster
advertising the October 22, 1981 gig at the Manchester
Apollo Theater in England.
60" x 40"

The rescheduled '81 tour brought the band back to the East Coast in January of 1982. This particular gig took place on January 19, 1982 at the Monroe County Dome Arena in Rochester, NY. Ticket prices were a whopping $8.50!
17" x 25"

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