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Counter Displays

All but The Singles display are from the UK. They were made to promote the singles from Last Of The Independents (1994). All three UK releases were available in limited edition double packs. Part 1 had a fold-out sleeve made for two CDs but containing only one. The idea was for you to buy Part 2 -- "sold separately", same A-side, different backing tracks -- for the extra tracks and, of course, to fill that empty space in the sleeve of Part 1! (Leaving you, of course, with the empty, lonely sleeve that came with Part 2. Maddening!)

6" x 5"
For The Singles. Someone actually had the nerve to use this display so it's folded. Had it not been used it would have been a standard 8" x 11"

8" x 11"
A nice little cut-out number.

8" x 12"
A very cool picture on a silver background. This is a real fingerprint collector so it's only picked up from the back... when someone is actually allowed to touch it.

8" x 12"
The final counter display from Indies... now if we could just find that life-size stand-up Chrissie...

8" x 12"
From the Isle of View's Kid release. That "kid" is Chrissie's father!

8" x 12"
From the Isle of View's 2000 Miles single.

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