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Sometimes you can get a great piece of memorabilia from a show without having to pay a cent. Set lists are taped to the band's monitors (or to the floor, or hung up) and can easily be had provided A) you're a cute girl and can get the attention of a road crew member or B) you know a cute girl who can get the attention of a road crew member.

After figuring out what set lists were from seeing one on the back cover of Pretenders II, I decided I had to get one of these prized items for myself. This was back in the days when no one knew what set lists were and anyone could get them.

Unfortunately, on the Pretenders 1994 tour, I didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting a new set list because of all the people rushing to the stage after the show and yelling at the road crew members to give them one. I was not about to stand there and scream at them to give me something. This causes the road crew to quickly rip it off the stage and do one of two things with it: A) give it to the cute girl or B) give it to the cute girl.

After being in the front row of my third Pretenders show (at the Civic Theater in San Francisco on February 27, 1984), I asked a member of the crew if I could please have that, er... the... uh... list with the songs on it? He went over to Chrissie's spot on the stage and ripped it free. The marks you see on it are from her walking across it during the show (it was taped to the floor). Everyone gathered around to ask what I had in my hot little hands. Maybe if I hadn't shown anyone what it was, they might still be easy to get! It was ripped when it was removed from the floor. I carefully repaired it on the back with tape and stuck it on my bedroom wall, where it remained for three years until I moved to Ohio. The writing off to the side generally indicates the songs for the encore

I'd need that cute girl utility if I was ever going to get another set list. Luckily, I had this friend... After the show at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, California on August 31, 1984, my friend kindly asked the nice man at the soundboard if she could have the set list. It's not quite as nice as getting a beaten up one from the stage, but that's not a complaint. The words in smaller writing on this one are: Thum, Mirrors, Brass, 2000, Precious.

The next set list I would obtain was given to me the following night, same venue, a gift from the same friend. We were in the front row. Said friend asked for and received Chrissie's set list from the stage after the show, then promptly handed it over to me. I clutched the drumstick she'd caught (by accident - she was trying to block her face, but her hand was open and the drumstick slipped right into it), and now I had a set list for the other hand! Not listed but included in their set that night was "Tattooed Love Boys", played at our request - they closed the show with it.

OK, so this isn't a set list. I snagged it off the wall at Symphony Space in New York City on November 5, 1995 because Taunia wanted it. These signs started appearing toward the end of the 1994 tour because Chrissie got annoyed with people on the floor at small venues looking at her through binoculars. She complained to me about it one night after a show. I'd never seen people on the floor use binoculars - when did this start? One night Chrissie got fed up and said, "You can't see me up here? I can see you perfectly well and you aren't all lit up." Then she followed it with a line that made me laugh then and continues to do so whenever I think of it: "I don't want you looking up my snout!"

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